The profession & accounting

In this essay I am going to focus on my career intention, where I would like to work after graduating and the strengths and weaknesses I have in relevance to my career choice. Also on how my strengths would help me in my career, how my weaknesses would affect me and how I plan to overcome my weaknesses. Career intention The profession I am interested in pursuing is accounting. In today's world where businesses organizations and huge firms are countless the role of accounting is crucial.

Accounting deals with helping businesses make major financial decisions and helps them in deciding whether their existing strategies are profitable and how it should plan for their future. It also provides potential investors with information they need on whether it is a profitable venture to invest in the business. In accounting there are many different choices to choose from as to what specific field of accounting you want to specialize in. There are four major types of accounting which are auditing, financial, managerial and tax accounting.

I am interested in becoming an auditor for a public accounting firm after graduating. Working as an auditor would give me a solid groundwork to potential specialist work as it would give me a thorough understanding of how a business really works. There are two main types of auditors, internal auditors who work for a particular company and external auditors who work for public accounting firms or are self-employed. The main job of an auditor is verification of the effectiveness of a company's financial record.

They examine a firm's financial and internal records and confirm whether they are in accordance to the government regulations. Their feedback helps the management cut costs, increase their profits and cut back on taxes. Work Setting When looking for a job one has to take into consideration whether the company one wants to work for offers the kind of working conditions and opportunities one wants. For me I want to work in a respected company that offers a friendly and flexible working environment, good health care benefits and offers opportunities for further professional and career advancement.

The company I would really like to work for is Ernst and Young which is one of the world's highest ranking accounting firms. They offer an exciting and diverse working environment and a lot of opportunities to grow in the chosen field. It also gives you the chance to work with world class experts and have access to the latest technologies, resources and learning programs. Strengths and Weaknesses After assessing and analyzing my strengths and weaknesses I have come to find that some of the major strengths I possess are good interpersonal skills and my ability work well in a team.

On the other hand the area that I need to improve on the most is procrastination. According to personality pathway. com people with my personality "have good listening skills, are genuinely concerned and insightful". I have always loved being around people and working with them, this has helped me a lot in my personal life and I believe it would also contribute to a good working environment and a motivated learning team. 'Accounting is very team oriented. It is important then that you enjoy working as part of a team and that you learn to do so in your education.

'(http://www. careers-in-accounting. com/acskill. htm). During my high school years and my primary schooling I have been an active member of many societies such as the little maids, the cultural cub and the environment club. Through this I have learnt to appreciate the way people who have such different attitudes and opinions come together to work for one particular goal and I believe this would help me in my career because teamwork is the foundation of success in businesses. The major weakness I have is procrastination.

Napoleon Hill once said "procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday. " Ever since I was a little kid I have had this bad habit of always leaving things to be done later which often causes me to make deadlines just in time or to even miss them sometimes. Furthermore it retains me from doing things to my best potential. Therefore it is very important that I overcome procrastination in order to succeed in my workplace.