The Craziest Morning

So I awoke one morning to a phone call, my boss was on the other line. I remember him saying, “Hey man where are you? Do you know what time it is?” The only thought in my head was, “damn, I over-slept.” Sure enough I was right; I was in fact over thirty minutes late for work. I couldn’t believe it! As I began to apologize for being so late my boss interrupts me and says, “Just be here within the next thirty minutes if you want to keep your job!” Knowing how serious he was about that statement, I franticly rushed to get ready for work!

On my way out of the house I grabbed my water jug and keys and then headed for the door. As I got to the drive way I noticed my car was not where I had last parked it. Two thoughts ran through my head; it had either gotten stolen, or my roommates had moved it to the garage. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst I ran back up to the house and checked the garage.

I was left speechless. Seeing that my car was not in the garage, I instantly dialed 911. It felt like the phone had been ringing for over a minute before I was finally connected to a dispatcher. By this time my adrenaline had kicked in. I was furious! After explaining to the dispatcher what had happened, she began to ask the basics: “What color is the car? What is the year and make of the car? Is there anything that distinguishes it from other vehicles?” I told her it was a green 1999 Volkswagen Jetta GL with a blue bumper.

She took all of my information and the police quickly began the search for my car. Knowing that there was no way I was going make it to work, I called my boss. I just knew he was going to be pissed! As I feared for the loss of my job, I tell him that my car had been stolen and that there was no way I was going to be able to make it. There was a long pause. Then, with an irritated voice he said, “Are you serious?” I then replied, “As a heart attack!” Not knowing if I still had a job I asked if I was going to be fired. Again there was another pause. I thought surely I had just been fired. When I heard him tell me, “No,” I felt like a huge weight had just been lifted off of my shoulders.

That was the best news I had received all morning… or so I thought. As the conversation came to an end, I apologized again for over sleeping and then ultimately missing work. Not even three minutes after I had gotten off the phone with my boss, I had gotten a call from the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.

The officer told me my car had been found but that they had to spike strip the tires to get the delinquents to stop. I could only imagine what my car had been through that morning; the tires getting blown out and the rims screeching across the street, shooting out tons of whistling sparks at the squad cars as they flew down the street. Although I had missed work and had to buy new tires, I was extremely happy to have my car back! That by far was the craziest morning I have ever had.