The Article “Marijuana Industry” by Solomon Moore

In the article “Marijuana Industry” by Solomon Moore, he discusses how the federal law should be enforced when it comes to marijuana. He also wrote that “marijuana is illegal under the Federal Control Substances Act (CSA)”. The article also includes how the “United States Supreme Court has repeatedly held that it is a federal issue because marijuana crosses state lines, and thus is part of interstate commerce, which is governed by state law”. The CSA categorizes marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug-among the most illegal substances, and thousands of young people are becoming addicted. In the article “Medical Marijuana” by Barbra Mantel, she explains how “raw ‘whole plant’ marijuana is in Schedule 1 drugs like heroin not because it is just as dangerous but because the FDA scientist found just last year that it is addictive and has no accepted medical use”. She also mentioned that “the FDA approved medicine that is dosed & standardized”.

She then went on to ask “When did we smoke medication”. Barbra stated that “specific compounds derived from the marijuana plant differ from smoking or eating the plant itself”. In the article “The Patriot’s Guide to Legalization” by Kevin Drum, he mentions that “Stories of drugs coming north and arsenals of guns going south. Thousands of people brutally murdered, entire towns terrorized. And this was a war not just over cocaine & meth, but marijuana as well”. Drum also said that “Heavy cannabis users are more likely to be in auto accidents.

There have been scattered reports of respiratory & fatal development problems.” He also said that “Decriminalization is not legalization; in places that have decriminalized, simple possession is still illegal; it’s just treated as an administrative offense, like a traffic ticket”. Cons In the article “400 Readers give their views” by Wn F Buckley Jr., he says that “the toxicity of cannabis is well established experimentally & clinically. The drug adversely affects the central nervous system, the lungs, and the immunity/ reproductive functions”. He also includes that “the trivialization (decriminalization) of cannabis use, where it has occurred, has resulted in a considerable increase of its consumption and of its subsequent damaging effects”.

Lastly he notes that “federal money appropriated to prosecute drug traffic and drugs use rose by 1,000 per cent between Nixon & Clinton”. In the article “Los Angeles Prepares for Clash over Marijuana” by Solomon Moore, Moore mentions how “there are more marijuana stores in L.A. then there are public schools. Moore also includes that about 100% of dispensaries in the Los Angeles County and the city are operating illegally. He then goes on to say that signs are emblazoned with cannabis plants or green crosses sit next to dry cleaning stores, as well as gas stations, and restaurants.

In the article “Medical Use of Marijuana Doesn’t Increase Youths’ use, Study Finds” written by Benedict Carey, Carey says that “teenagers who develop and sustain a heavy, daily habit increase their risk of having cognitive difficulties later on”. He also says that people said that loosening marijuana restrictions might send the wrong message to young people, and make the drug both more available and more appealing”. Carey then goes on to say heavy daily users who start young are at risk of blunting their mental acuity over time.