The Alarming Crimes

Crimes in United States include a relatively high rate of gun violence, homicide, assaults, car thefts, drug offences, murders, and sexual abuses such as rape. Statistics showed that many children and teens were killed due to gun violence in the United States annually. Children were most if the victims of gun violence in the United States and in fact American children were more at risk from gun violence than any children in other countries, especially the industrialized nations.

There was a big gap of reported cases of gun violence in United States and other nations like France, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and Japan, which only recorded few cases of child violence using firearms. We could attribute this occurrence of such violence to the low security, which enables terrorist, illegal individuals and hired criminals to obtain firearms. In addition, many cases of illegal possession of firearms and illegal buyers were reported in the United States. Daily record shows that 80 American citizens have perished because of gun related violence.

This occurrence of demonic activities by criminal brought fear to the children and their guardian (Neahin, http://www. neahin. org). Homicide is one of the six primary causes of death in the United States. Annually, the police reported 18,000 casualties of homicide incidents in the United States. Persons such as boyfriends, spouses, intimate partners that are closed to the victim, did majority of homicide incidents (Paulozzi, http://www. cdc. gov). In 2006 theft Statistics, the FBI reported that every 26. 4-second there is a motor vehicle that is stolen.

The urban areas are more at risk in car theft. A total of 1,192,809 motor vehicles due to car theft were recorded. States from the west has recorded the highest percentage of car loss. Sadly, only 12. 6 percent of theft were arrested and put in to jail in 2006 (III, http://www. iii. org). In 2002, 1. 5 million were arrested due to drug offences and 175,000 of them were incarcerated. Half of these drug users were Blacks, which is awkward since they only constitute 13 percent of the total population of the United States.

This big difference can be attributed to the big difference in the mandatory federal sentence. For instance possession of 5g of crack (used mainly by blacks) has the same sentence if you are holding a 500g of cocaine (which American usually use). Also, police authority policed areas with more blacks and tended to become more lenient with white offenders. Thus, we see that justice is not equal. Still there is racial discrimination that exists in United States (Sunday Star Times, http://www. stuff. co. nz). The U. S Department of Justice has reported that rape occurs every 2 minutes.

Sexual assaults have created so much trouble in United States. In fact in 1995, 354,670 women were recorded to be victims of rape. The FBI on the other hand made some estimates of rape cases and stated that 72 out of 100,000 American women were raped. Rape has become a serious problem in the United States. United States has recorded the highest rate of sexual assaults in the world. The statistics showed that it was four times higher than Germany, thirteen and twenty times higher than England and Japan’s rape records, respectively.

Women are more likely to be victims of sexual assaults. One out of five college women were forced for sexual copulation. This was supported by a survey done by the National College Health risk Behavior that stated that twenty-two percent of women are forced to have sex against their will. Only 16 percent of sexual abuses and assaults are reported to the authorities. There is an approximately eight percent of errors (in numbers) in rape reports, which means that the actual number was not truly represented.

Rape victims were sometimes under age of 18, about age 12 and which is really alarming. Moreover people who were raped before 18 years have said, that they were also rape after the age of 18. Rape and sexual abuses occurs mainly in the homes of victims and occurs between 6PM to 12AM. Rape like any other crime has adverse effect on the victim. Women who are rape suffer from non-genital and genital trauma. Women subjected to rape even obtained sexual ailments such as STD. There is an increase on unwanted pregnancies. Effects of rape are physical, mental and emotional.

Also like any other crimes, conviction of rape was not totally materialized. Less than fifty percent of arrested rapists were convicted and sentenced and above 50 % of rape prosecution were subjected for dismissal (http://sa. rochester. edu/masa). . There were so many crimes in United States. Crimes that are serious threats to ordinary individual; children, women crimes do not choose its victim. Everyone is vulnerable for such demonic and criminal actions. United States must know the corrective actions in order to prevent and lessen those crimes.

United States’ authorities must do something to stop these threatening occurrences not only for the benefit of other but also for the benefit of them Crimes brought severe damage to the victim’s life not only physically but also mentally. United States as a nation must do necessary actions to eliminate it and become a crime free country in which people live harmoniously. References III-Auto Theft. Retrieved December 9, 2007 from http://www. iii. org/media/hottopics/insurance/test4/. Paulozzi, Leonard J. (2001).

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