Terrorism Risk

Though terrorism get help to commit their heinous acts either from unsuspecting citizens and / or recruited citizens/ non-citizens living in America, the danger of a large terrorist attacks from American born terrorists is smaller compared to those born outside of America. The NIE July 2007 report showed that only a handful of thousands of suspects investigated came out to have links to terrorists groups

Whether Al-Qaeda is centralized or not, the threats still remain real and a huge possibility. However, the more decentralized Al-Qaeda is, the more the task of tracking down suspects becomes difficult especially when it borders on the infringement of some personal liberties. This is why the use of E-guardian to help law enforcers share information more easily with intelligence bodies is desperately needed. Osama Bin Laden still at large remains the biggest threat to Homeland security today.

Though he does not have direct command, he has now shifted to amassing support from sympathizers through media for instance by recently calling for the dismantlement of the new government of Somalia because of its western association and moderate Islamic stand. He relies on the small radical groups who might not be happy with the status quo and this is why the small radical groups are more dangerous than the organized big ones.

The main judgment by the NIE July 2007 is that terrorism will be much more harder to fight in the next three years given the advancement in technology allowing the splinter groups sophisticated communication gateways and the possible change in tactics by operatives which may include the use of biological and chemical weapons a far cry from the 9/11 incident which now, it seems, remains a distant memory As is echoed by Gene Hammel, (2003) deprivation is both absolute and relative.

Terrorists might be aware of the relative disadvantaged societies they live in or even compare their plight with the way the western society is thriving for instance specifically those educated in the west which might lead to hatred aggression and feeling of discontent. Other thing such as poverty can also lead to them looking for an alternative to change the way things are using all means possible regardless of the consequences. However poverty has very little to do with terrorism as is indicated in the article by Hammel.

There’s is a connection between suicide militancy and demographic traits though these also rely on other factors such as population, political and economic growth repression and some strict ideologies. It is therefore safe to say that terrorism breeds on misery of a kind that is born when political and ideological systems (one favored and one condemned) clash especially when someone like Osama Bin Laden, decides to thrive on the apparent difference.

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