TedTalks and Solving Global Problems

Professor John showed us two different videos from two very intellectual people that represent the different political corruptions in our government. Lawrence Lessig a legal activist and Jonathan Haidt have a different representation of the government and the issues but both pointed out the problems and corruptions of our government. Although United States is one of the least corrupt countries, we are still experiencing corruption through congressional candidate funding from companies, lobbying, and bipartisan issue.

Congressional candidate funding is a major problem in our country. Lawrence Lessig prented a Lesterland analysis. Lesterland is a fictional country where government is being control by the small class of company contributors to their electoral campaigns. Lesterland explains the current problems of the United States in a fictional yet reality way.

Professor Haidt explained the problem of the government through morality. According to Professor Haidt, morality binds and blinds us. It blinds us into certain morals and values but therefore makes us blinds to objective reality. Lobbyist lives in Washington DC and makes enormous amount of money to represent and lobby a candidate or certain issue. Although some of the issues or candidates they represent are not objectively right or correct, they do their jobs to makes money. The people who suffer are the citizens of United States who does not have enough funds to protect their rights or to elect the proper candidate who will do the job right.

I think they are both right. Countries and people nowadays are being manipulated by money. We, the common people are the unfortunate ones who have to suffer the consequences and the results of decisions from small portion of our country. Therefore, we should work together as one to protect our rights and ourselves.