Target vs Walmart

When you think about a great shopping experience, what stores come to mind? Some people might name high end stores such as Bloomingdales, Macys , Lord & Taylor, or even Nieman Marcus. But what about stores that carry everyday household goods? I’m talking about stores such as Walmart and Target. These stores carry just about everything for a great low price.

When you compare Walmart and Target, you will notice two main differences. One different is the price, and the other is your shopping experience when you enter these stores. These differences impact way. They decide the location of the stores and even who will ultimately shop there.

Let us take a glimpse at the Walmart Cooperation. When you go into a Walmart store, you are sure to find some great deals. The stores are also located just about everywhere, open 24 hours of the day, and 364 days of the year. Most Walmart stores have complete grocery stores inside, a garden department, and photo lab. Walmart stores cash checks, they price match, and you can always make returns. But on the other hand there are also some negative aspects to shopping at Walmart. Walmart stores are always over crowed.

The lines are so long that they discourage shopper from going there. The store is always unorganized, and you can never find a sales associate when you need one. Sometimes the sales associates are just down right rude. Walmart stores are sometimes dirty, and its hard to find the merchandise that you are looking for, and it is impossible to get out in fifteen minutes or less.

Target stores also have positive and negative attributes. When you go into a Target store, you are sure to find a organized lay out. Everything seems to be in its place, and easy to find. There is always a sales associate around to help you find whatever it is your looking for. Target tends to offer a better quality of merchandise too. Another great thing about Target is that you go into the store and literally be out in ten minutes or less. One of Target’s motto’s is “Fast, Friendly, Service.” Something negative about Target, is it’s prices. Target tends to more expensive than Walmart. Target also carries a decreased selection of goods for consumers to choose from.

As you can see both stores offer good and negative qualities. It all comes down to what type of shopping experience that you perfer. One store offers a larger selection, while the other offers, in my opinion a more peaceful shopping experience.