Summer Olympic Games

The Olympic games is believed to lose their vital role in 21st century due to financial waste and the exsistence of online games and other international games. First, governments have invested big flows of cash into olympic games without receiving much profits, creating a huge waste of money. governments should be heavily used Such budgets in infrastructure, upgradation and security monitoring systems.

Besides, online games are becoming more and more popular. Other international games also contain many kinds of attractive sports which the Olympic Games do not have . As a result, people seem to undervalue this event . undeniably, the olympic games have brought economic, cultural and political benefits. no sooner has this event occurred than millions of visitors worldwide flock to the host countries, creating a significant amount of profit. Revenue for goverments and citizens, thus, are promoted. moreover, thanks to this event, people around the world have opportunities to have fun, exchange culture and meet people from all over the world.

Furthermore, this event can cement the relationship between countries in the world, and ease up potential political tensions. Greaks and Romans are examples in the ancient history, because they agreed to interrupt battles and participated in the games. In conclusion, it is true that the Olympic Games have pros and cons. Nevertheless, I think their advantages actually surpass disadvantages. Such benefits like the development of economy, strong relationships between countries and cutural interaction are undeniable.