More than a dream

The true test of character is not based on how much adversities we have endured but on how much more we are willing to take. Deciding to enter law school is not a decision that can be easily made. Fore one, it requires a person more than a courageous heart and a high IQ. It entails a persevering spirit, willing to face challenges and determined to emerge victorious. To want is one thing. To desire is another. Of the two, the latter holds more water since it speaks not only of the degree of liking something and wanting it but of yearning and craving to achieve something. I believe that entering law school is something that is not and should not be decided overnight.

It is something that is set as a goal and in order to arrive at the doorstep of that goal means that along the way, preparations have been made and certain sacrifices have been carried out.

By this I mean the willingness to become a victim of tons of workload, challenging and brilliant professors. In other words, law school is not for the weak at heart. It requires a certain degree of courage and I believe that by subjecting myself to braving the obstacle that lie ahead, I am more than a weak heart. I have been through the most trying times of my life. It has scarred my faith in life, withered my emotions and challenged my whole being.  But it never occurred to me that I am without choice. I can choose to forego the hard way of life but I never did.

Choosing to go to college without financial support from my parents, I went to San Diego and took the risk of going to UCSD to finish my studies without any idea as to how I am going to survive on my own. As I went through the daily challenges of life, I have learned the most valuable lessons one could only get through the hard way. Living alone with no money for rent, I welcomed the offer of a friend to stay and occupy the living room where I could sleep at night.

Comfortable shelter was not in my top priority lists, since I could not afford one. I am very grateful that along the way, I have met a friendly soul in the form of a friend who is willing to lighten my burden and offer the living room where I could stay as I struggle to finish college. I was literally on my own since my relatives, who live in Orange country, were 100 miles away to offer aid.

No one in my immediate family, especially my father who chose to cut off support, was able to financially support me through college. This was of course one of the foremost concerns that I had to address. I faced criticisms from others who would eventually notice that I work and study at the same time, surviving college through student loans and frequent free rides to and from school. I do not even have enough money for a bus fare. It was all disheartening and frustrating at times.

There came a point in my life where I entertained the thought of leaving the University and accepting defeat. But my persevering nature pulled me back to face reality. I opted to continue studying even if my parents did not financially support me, there is no way I am returning to my family as a disappointment and a failure. I found a solution which is to study full time and work full time. A very overwhelming task for a person who is alone, struggling to make ends meet.

But I have learned through all the hardships I have faced and battled that believing is all worth it. The only way I am going to achieve my dreams is to go out and do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. In the end, all the sacrifices seem nothing compared to the heartwarming rewards I have achieved. I eventually finished college, but it is the first step to my own vision of success. Law school is my ultimate goal in life, and to finish it and become a lawyer is the perennial reward of all.

Entering Law school would mean being ready to go in a battlefield. The only difference is that this is the battle field where brains, determination and character are tested as oppose to mere physical strength. The environment offers endless opportunities for learning and character building but at the same time provides the atmosphere of excitement due to the fact that law school is like a whole new world full of ideas, complex problems and mind-boggling questions to which students need to exert effort to produce brilliant results. I firmly believe that in law school and in this University, mediocrity is not an option. T

hat is why I hold to the highest esteem the faculty and the administration of this University. Knowing that one is given the chance to belong to a prestigious university is a privilege. This is mainly the reason why I am striving hard to succeed in life by accomplishing and working hard for my dream and at the same time carefully choosing who or what university or amount of effort will be chosen and exerted which would prove fruitful.

Furthermore, the diversity in its student population provides better interaction and creates more linkages to other parts of the world. I especially view this as an advantage because creating linkages and ties with other students who come from different backgrounds would certainly be a knowledgeable experience in terms of culture, politics as well as economic differences.

I am not living in dreams and pure want or desire to become a lawyer. I recognize that it is something big—-a responsibility to which no one can be blamed but me and my decisions. Embarking on the journey to becoming a lawyer is hard. It entails sacrifices, challenges and sometimes heartbreaking moments. There comes a time when one questions the decisions of continuing the hardship or not. Everything is an option. But choosing the hard and difficult task of studying law is something that I have set my priorities. It is something I will never regret. Tough times happen but in those times, the only people who continue are also the tough ones and I am very determined to belong to that group.