State Trooper


The life of a state trooper requires a lot of self-discipline and maturity. This career requires all applicants to go to a college and to a police academy. Applicants to be physically ready for the challenge. When you become a state trooper your life is on the line everyday there is also a background check that must be completed to be done. Applicants can not have any kind of criminal background. Your record must be clean. Applicants must be ready for the challenge to come.

Job description / duties

A state trooper has many responsibilities. Some response abilities they have re things like making sure people are following driving laws on the highway and turnpike. They also have to take care and assist any people who have been in an accident until the ambulance shows up. Another thing they are responsible for is keeping the traffic under control and watching to see speeding or drunk and intoxicated drivers. The responsibilities that I would like is making sure the drivers follow all driving laws and watching out for speeding or drunk and intoxicated drivers.

Why I would like this responsibility is because it would make me feel good about myself because I would know that I was keeping a lot of people and children safe. But there is a responsibility that I would not like and that has to assist the people who have been in accidents and need the ambulance, why I would not like that is because I would not like to have the image of people hurt in the back of my head it would haunt me to see people hurt. I understand from just watching TV shows like cops and seeing some of the graphical images they see while people drive recklessly. So that’s one of many responsibilities that I would not like to have.

Personal characteristics needed

Along with the many responsibilities of being a state trooper there is many characteristics needed to become a state trooper. Some of the personal characteristics and traits that are needed are things like integrity , responsibility, reliability , dependability , ethical judgement and they have to sound like they have a good moral character . A state trooper must have all these things to succeed in this career. If a state trooper cannot answer yes confidently that all these characteristics describe them they should consider following a different career.

Why I feel this career would match me perfectly and is a good choice for me is because I know I have all these characteristics and I know that I got what it takes to become a state trooper. I can read the checklist and say to myself yes that I have all these things. I think I am mentally an physically ready to become a state trooper.

The personal value that this career provides that is important to me is that you get the feeling that your security for the people who travel on the highway. You go to work everyday and understand that by you just doing your job you keep adults, children , criminals safe and that important to me because in my family as a family my job is to provide , protect and profess for my family nothing more nothing less.

Educational needed

Some of the high school classes and activities that would be most helpful in preparing me for this career are the academy’s like J.R.O.T.C they provide training for things like military careers, and also the police academy we have in Mets that was started by Mr.Sico . But after high school I am going to have to go to a university and training to help get my mind and body ready for the challenge that is going to come .some colleges I can attend for this career are colleges like John jay were they specialize in military training.

Work setting

A state trooper may work many hours 10-14 hours a day easy. The reason for this amount of hours is because there is a 50% chance that there won’t be any accidents or incidents on the highway so the trooper won’t have much to do. The work environment will be on highways and turnpikes or on the interstate occasionally it may require a trooper to work on a city street or small town .when the days are slow or safe meaning accident free a trooper must roam up and down highway to catch speeders and traffic violators.

One thing I would like about the work setting is that I will be on the highway and interstate instead of the city streets. Why I would like that is because on the city streets I may become distracted by family and friends. One dislike about the work setting is that if I get hungry or have to use the bathroom I just can’t go into and store on the corner and get food or water.

Wages and benefits

The entry wage for a state trooper starts at about $13 to 15.50 an hour. A worker can range from 13 to 30 $ an hour depending on his ranking. A worker will receive pay no matter whether he is sick and cannot attend work or if he is on vacation. Why he will receive pay still is because a trooper puts his life at risk everyday yo keep the highway safe for travel. A trooper also gets benefits because they risk their lives every day. Personally this occupation will provide enough income according to me and my family’s expectations, which are to have cloths on our back , food on out table to eat, roof over our heads to keep us safe and a nice pair of shoes or sneakers.

Employment outlook

The occupational outlook for this career has an employment increase in 7 percent from the years 2011-2012, which is slower than the average for all occupations. But there is a continued demand for highway, turnpike and interstate safety. This will lead to new openings for state troopers all over the United States. However both state and federal jobs may be more competitive because they typically offer low salary, many local departments face high turnover rates and people that quit to join other occupations.

Personal assessment

Why I think this occupation of a state trooper would be right for me is because of my personality. My personal characteristics fit this job. I like having lots of responsibility. I feel like this occupation really fits me because as a child I wanted to be a cop and keep people safe and make sure everyone followed the laws. I always wanted to help people in some type of way. But as I got older I realized that becoming a cop would mean I would have to arrest criminals and because of my family I can’t become a cop because it would mean that I would arrest my own family and I choose the next closest thing to a cop a state trooper which is very similar to a cop.


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