Speech Framers of the Constitution

Have you ever wondered how and why our constitution was created? Thesis Our constitution was created, the articles of confederation, was becoming problematic causing American leaders to gather and create an entirely new constitution, these men are known as the framers. Preview The Framers The articles of confederation The declaration of independence >> First I will talk about The Framers<< >>First, I will talk about The Framers<< Paragraph 1 Who are The Framers?

May 25, 1787, the day where the framers met in secret for a period of 4 months, with george washington presiding. by the end of their deliberations, the delegates had created a constitutional framework that has served as one of the most structural foundations of american goverment and politics. The Framers were not common people; they were wealthy men, land owners, bankers, lawyers, and successful merchants. They were far more educated than the average American, holding knowledge in western philosophy and political science.

Most of the delegates believed in a strong national government to protect Americas interests, provide for social order, and the regulation of interstate commerce. They all agreed that the articles of confederation needed to be recreated. >>Second, I will talk about what is the Articles of Confederation<< >>Second, I will talk about what is the Articles of Confederation<< Paragraph 2 What is the Articles of Confederation? The articles of confederation was adopted during the last stages of the revolutionary war.

This constitution created a government where most of the power is in the states and very little in the national government. The Articles of Confederation made the central government have no power to levy taxes, it could not regulate commerce among states, nor could it deny the states the right to collect custom duties. It had no independent chief executive to make sure that the laws passed by congress would be enforced, had no national court system to settle disputes between states, and all national laws had to be approved by 9 out of 13 states, which is a hard thing to do.

The articles of confederation did what it was intended, preserve power, independence, and sovereignty of the states and ensure the central goerment would not enroach on the liberty of the people, but there were also many problems that the confederation was ill equipped to handle. Why was it not good enough? The central goverment could not finance its activies, it was forced to rely on each state’s willingness to pay its annual tax assessment. few states were eager to cooperate. As a result, the bonds and notes of the confederate government became almost worthless, and the attempts to borrow were prevented.

The central government was also unable to defend american interets in foreign affairs. without a chief executive or a standing army, and with the states holding a veto power over the actions of the central goverment, the confederation lacked the capacity to reach bind agreements with other nations. the goverment was also unable to prevent the outbreak of the comcercial warfare between the states. >>Third, I will talk about the Declaration of Independence<< >>Third, I will talk about the Declaration of Independence<< Paragraph 3 What is the Declaration of Indepence?

The declaration of independece was created by the framers, because the articles of confederation was not cutting it. This document was based on the principles of republicanism Which is limited goverment, federalism, seperation of powers, checks and balances, and limitations on majority rule. How was it ratified? The constitution was ratified in an extremly close vote of the states after the struggle between federalists and anti federalists. a federalist belives in a stronger national goverment. an anti federalist belives in a stronger state goverment.

Despite the close vote, the constitution became very popular aong the american people within only a few years of the ratification. Conclusion Review Framers held a convention to create a new constitution Articles of confederation was focused more on the states power and less on national. Declaration of independence was based on republicanism, created by the framers. main point Our constitution was created, because the first constitution became problematic causing leaders to gather and create an entirely new constitution. closing.