Speech: Adolescence and Higher Risk

The amount of teenages getting pregnant around the age of 15-17 is quite concerning .Although most Teenage Pregnancies are unintentional .It still means there are chances of them becoming pregnant.At the same time,Teenage Pregnancies associate with social issues. Finally they come to a time when they need help and support. Well , My name is Taylah and by now you should know my speech will be about Teenage Pregnancy.

Firstly most teenage pregnancies are unintentional. Women of all age may have unintended pregnancies , but some groups , such as teens are at a higher risk. A lot of teenagers who become pregnant sometimes wish they weren’t . This happens because they either dont want to be parents or they know it’s not the right time. By the time they find out they are pregnant they start stressing out because it was never meant to happen and also because they dont want thier parents to know or to find out.

Teenage Pregnancies associate with social issues , such as lower educational levels and higher rates of Poverty. This happens because when they are pregnant they drop out of shcool and just worry about their baby. Although they are unemployed they go on a benefit which is when money is given by the goverment. Why do the young mums still lead a poor life inspite of money given by the goverment ? Well , they lead poor life because they dont think about the future , instead they spend all their money on their child. They don’t save up any money and they keep buying things for themselves and their child.

Finally they come to a time when they need help and support with their child.They need support with their child so they live a happy life and they need support from their family so that they dint get stressed out and start abusing their baby,and they also need help with buying the right items such as nappies ,food,clothes e.t.c.In conclusion,Teenage Pregnancy need to decrease as it is making NZ look very bad because the rate of Teenage Pregnancy is the highest in NZ as compared to other countries in the world. In the end I would like to say that teenagers should stay in school and study so that they have a brighter future and can give a very dignified life to their families.