Social conditions and the crime

Major studies by the world famous sociologists lay emphasis on community and neighborhood instead of the individual. These studies cover subjects as how a person adopts a career of crime and also the aspect of varying crime rates. Other studies deal with such crimes that are committed by groups of people or gangs. It is essentially the dispossessed segments of society, living in relatively lower and deprived areas of the city where most crimes take birth. These are the areas where it is most difficult to groom children into a disciplined lot, and where the highest crime rate occurs.

In these areas you will find features as: 1. Broken Homes 2. Home conflicts 3. Health issues 4. Financial problems 5. Disrupted family life 6. Poorest schools 7. highest unemployment rate 8. Overcrowded housing 9. Lack of recreational facilities When there are no recreations or avenues of enjoyment, the youth of these slum areas resort to unreasonable rather violent activities in their effort to escape from monotony and boredom. Therefore the streets in such areas present a venue of lawlessness and activities full of crime and vice. The common features that often appear on the streets of inner city include:

a) Gambling b) Prostitution c) Use of Narcotics d) Alcohol use and Drunkenness e) Variety of Violent Acts The rule of law and governance becomes very difficult for the law enforcing agencies because of the area being over populated with people with relatively smaller contingents of police operating in these inner city areas. Most people do not cooperate with these law enforcing agencies simply because they do not have trust in them. Majority of persons who commit crimes on the streets of slum areas are essentially the youth under the age of 18 years.

Why the child crime is highest in these areas is because: a) No job opportunities for young persons. b) They are not interested to do the unskilled jobs available to them especially when they compare the most exciting and paying jobs in other developed areas of the city. c) They find returns from theft quicker than doing such menial and unskilled labor. d) The juvenile youth are easily prone to taking risk and are willing to even undergo arrest simply because the young persons do not have many responsibilities upon their shoulders like the financial support to their families and children.

e) Unlike the older people who become settled after making compromise with even the worst of circumstances, the youth are willing to take risks and care for monetary gains for a better position in the society Besides, there is much of a difference between the crimes committed by men and those committed by women. For instance, most arrests in men are due to either drug abuse or driving while intoxicated or DUI (driving under the influence) of alcohol, while most juvenile female arrests are due to the crime of theft.

Many other violent crimes including murder are also committed by the youth of these areas. The high rate in murder crime is usually because of monetary gains. This is often committed while snatching a car or an automobile vehicle. Therefore the youth arrest and conviction rate for murders is also very high in these slum areas. In the overcrowded and thickly populated inner city areas, police too have a much tougher time in identifying the murderers so also in the case of burglars and robbers. (Taylor, Robert W. , n. p. n. d. )