Skateboarding – Surfing

Today i’m going to talk about skateboarding because it is something that keeps me happy and relaxed at once. So the history of skateboarding is really long. First skateboard was probably invented in early 50’s when one day surfers couldn’t surf because the waves were flat, so they took a wooden board and roller-skate wheels and put them together. From then skateboarding became really popular, first in US and then all over the world. It was developing really quickly. People started to invent tricks and do crazy stuff like jumping over the stairs and so on. Today skateboarding is something that everyboy can try.

The other really important thing about skateboarding is skate culture. At first it was really similar to the surf culture, but than it developed an image of it’s own. In the beginnings of skateboarding, skateboarders were known as rebels and even today certian cities still don’t want to build skateparks in their towns, because they are afraid that crime and drug-dealling would increase. Skateboarding culture was really conected to music like Skate punk or punk, but today there are many other types of music like hip hop, regee or even hard rock popular in skate culture.

These music types of music are used in many skate films and some of the films were made to help improve the reputation of skateboarding. For me skateboarding is something that alows me to hang out with my friend and gives me time to think about myself. And for the end i would like to tell you a really interesting thing about skateboarding. In Norway the goverment baned skateboarding because there was too many injuries caused by skateboards. So skateboarders there started to hang out in forests and they built themselves pretty good skateparks.