Six Billion and One Bronze

1. among 6 billion population in india we get only one bronze medal that indicates india is lacking in talent which was not true, talented people is not getting chance to participate in olympics they get eliminated either by internal politics or by not getting right guidance.In our country people mostly not encouraged there children to participate in sports or take there career as a sports this is also a reason..they know that if there child is not getting chance to partipate or elimimate by any reason his career will be govt has to made some policies for a sport person so that participation should be increased & internal politics should be decreased.

2. rightly agree to all of you. Perks & security has always been a fire to progress, let it be in any field. Also a mind-set needs to be inculcated in the budding generation along with the adults, to take up their hobbies to a professional level. Education system & government should take initiatives with a goal, to produce these sportsmen. I personally feel that govt is doing a great job conducting the CWG games. Its obvoiusly a step to improve the sports culture of the country. Such international events are sure to attract more talent into the pool.

3. m not agree with this statement,most of the youth prefer to play money making a example cricket and can see the condition of our national game hokey, ratehr than blaming our govermnet first we have to change the perception of youth regarding the other games.youth have to play for the nation and pride not for the money and publicity.

We cannot blame the goverment for this, we have to change the perception of the youth regarding sport.lots of youth prefer to play only cricket and tennis becasue they have wrong perception about other games.our nationla game hockey is also facing bad situation now a days.even they parents also have to change there view regarding games they have to force there children to play a such game where there is pride not a publicity.