Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group. Ltd

Sir Richard Branson is the founder and chairman of the London based Virgin Group Ltd., he has turned conventional business wisdom into a multibillion-dollar global conglomerate (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011). The Virgin Group has ventured into many companies such as retail stores, air travel financial services, books and music, and telecommunication. The Virgin Group has approximately 200 companies, 50,000 employees and makes more than $20 billion annual sales (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011).

They have ventured into companies that have not done so well, like the MP3 player the crushed and they had to write off $20 million. The Virgin Mega Store retail and Virgin Cola, they lost a lot of money with both of the companies (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011).

Leadership Style

Sir Richard Branson is a transformational leadership involves anticipating future trends, inspiring followers to understand and embrace a new vision of possibilities, developing others to be leaders or better leaders and building the organization or group into a community of challenged and rewarded learners (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011). The transformational leadership can be found at all levels of the organization and as a whole.

The visionary, inspiring, daring and ethical are the words that describe transformational leaders (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011). Sir Richard Branson inspires his people charismatic and innovative style, this help to empower his people to grow (Estill, 2011). Sir Richard Branson has very simple rules, * Smile, everything get much easier if you show a friendly face * Have fun at work

* Believe in your ideas, employees and colleagues (Westerstal, 2010). The leadership style for Sir Richard Branson is relationship behavior it includes using two-way communication, listening, encouraging, involving followers in decision making, and giving emotional support (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011).

Participating style, the leader encourages followers to share ideas and facilitates the work by being encouraging and helpful to subordinates (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011). Sir Richard Branson is on the road to visits his companies and when he talks to the customers and employees he has a note book and pen he writes down any question or problems they are having and then make a list of the thing that need to be addressed immediate.

He addresses any emails that he received from the employees personally (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011). Richard Branson states, “What makes somebody good is how good they are dealing with people. If you can find people who are good at motivating others and getting the best out of people, they are the ones you want. There are plenty of so-called experts, but not as many great motivators of people (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011).” There are five secret business successes per Sir Richard Branson, * Enjoy what you are doing.

* Create something that stands out.* Create something that everybody who works for you is really proud of * Be a good leader* Be visible (Branson, 2010)Many employers but their attention to serving customers and shareholders, but Sir Richard Branson feels that if you make your employees happy then they will do a better job. If they do a better job, the customers will be happy and thus business will be good and the shareholders will be rewarded (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011).

Their have been survey that show the employees are unhappy. Their was a survey done on 2,400 employees and 32% were seriously considering leaving his or her organization while another 20% viewed their employers unfavorably (Gallo, 2011). It is very important to inspire the employee and this can be done by communication.

Different leadership styleThe two that I recommend is Selling style, the leader provides direction, encourages two-way communication, and helps build confidence and motivation on the part of the follower and delegating style, the leader turns over responsibility for making and implementing decisions to followers (Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, 2011). Sir Richard Branson is a very good leader and he is a boss that many people would love to have. But managers need to take lesson from him so they can make changes to improve their company.

Develop and lead global team

Sir Richard Branson would have to have a team of people that know about space tourism so that it can be done the right way. He has to have a team that knows about planes and how they work. They have to have pilots that know all the gears and how to fly the plane. They need to hire people that have gone to school for Aviation and Aerospace and have engineers on their team.

The team that he has for this project is George T. Whiteside CEO and President prior to him working for Virgin Galactic he worked for NASA. Stephen Attenborough is Commercial Director prior to Virgin Galactic he worked for Gartmore Investment Management. Jonathan Firth Director, Operations & Projects he was a projects and project management, Steve Isakowitz Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer he has several senior positions at NASA (Virgin Galactic, 2012).

They have turned for technical help from Huntsville for engineering and design (Roop, 2012). Virgin Galactic Vice President for Special Projects William Pomerantz said turning to Huntsville for technical help was an easy call. “Huntsville has an excellent reputation as a hotbed for bright ideas and smart people,” Pomerantz said in a recent email interview.

“As we built up our corporate team, it was certainly logical that we’d take a close look at Huntsville and the firms based there. Zero Point Frontiers had the right mix of technical experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and industry knowledge to make them a strong addition to our project (Roop, 2012).”

Incorporate Branson Leadership

Personally I feel the Sir Richard Branson leadership style should be used in all companies. I feel that you have to be passionate about our job, love what you do and then your employees will see that you love your job and then they will be inspired. We have to be able to motivate our employees to do better and if they are not good at the job that they are in see if there is a different job for them. The company that I work for should take some lessons from him, so that they can take care of their employees.

The company I work for it hard to just get a thank you or good job. If I was a manager I would be doing anything I could to encourage my employees to help them grow in the company. It is important to take time for your employees and listen to their concerns and this is how you can fix the problems. Their will be times when your employees will give you some great ideas to be able to help improve the company. So if we all worked on improving our communication skills then we can help our employees and in turn improve our company.


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