Should cannabis be legalised in the Untied Kingdom?

For my coursework I have chosen the legalisation of cannabis. I chose the legalisation of  cannabis because it is an important issue which has been debated over many countries  for some years, with some good argument points. Some either want it legalised, some  just want it totally banned. I think this makes a good issue to discuss; there is a lot to talk  about since cannabis has its good sides and it also has its bad sides.

Some people may  just do it for fun, some for a ‘look cool’ image and some may use it for genuine medial  problems. Other people may hate it because there friends/relatives or themselves have  had previous ‘not good’ experiences with cannabis, and others may just hate it for no  reason. I think these points make the legalisation of cannabis a strong argument, which is  why I have chosen it.

I hope to find out as much as I can for my coursework on this issue, there are many  reasons to why people may like or not like cannabis and I hope to cover most of them to  make my coursework equal by taking in both sides of the argument.  I will carry out my research in as many ways as possible, and that will include:  Email  Internet  Letters  Books  Old newspaper articles  Surveys

these are the main research methods I will use to get information & opinions on my  issue. I chose email since this will enable me to contact people/companies abroad for  there personal opinions, And I can send & receive email at my home as well as at school.  I also chose the internet for a research method, this is because the internet is big and is

growing with information everyday. I can access the internet at home and in school so  accessing it won’t be hard. There are already many sites on the internet offering  information on my issue, and they can be found via a simple internet search. Using this method I can access a lot of information on cannabis at the click of a mouse, and print the bits I need for reference later on. I also chose letters as a form of research. I can write letters to people/organizations asking them for information on my issue. I also chose books because I have access to my school library which may contain a few useful resources on cannabis. Old news paper articles will also be useful for this because they can reference back to previous things that may have happened with cannabis.

Another research method I chose was surveys. I can survey friends/family at home and staff/students at my school.The best type of research I think from the top list is the internet. It is big and has a lot of information there ready to be read. The least effective method of research I think is old newspaper articles, since they will be hard to get hold of and they may contain outdated information. However I will still use this research method and try and deicide myself if it is of any use to me.

Biasing is a problem I might face during my research methods. This will apply to all my methods. This is because there is either a person who likes cannabis or they don’t. All my research methods will be biased by either saying there in favour of cannabis or not.

This means I will have to take in both sides of the argument equally in my coursework to make sure it is a fair conclusion. Another problem I might face is incomplete information. Anybody could just say cannabis is good, but there isn’t anything along with it backing up what they have said. I will have to check myself if the piece of information is complete with a reason behind the point they have maid.