Severe economic problems

Like in Germany, the people of Germany had been trained to be stiff, disciplined and well-oriented to what they should do in the society for them to be a useful part of it. Most of the people should know what are their responsibilities and their scheduled tasks for their own personal use in the society. In doing these, they gained through their experiences the attitude of persevering to gain their goals. This is one of the key competencies of the business people of Germany. They had studied their own cultural context as to what conveniences will they get if they proposed certain rules and regulations.

In business context, it is quite problematic for them not to have their own set of laws because there are issues that can’t be resolved by the existing common law that prevails. Although, they have the capability to easily determine the answers to the inquiries being presented, the transactional costs in doing this is so high that the income or the greater value of doing this is accounted not to the business owners but to the lawyers who extracted details form the vague issues that they want to have an answer.

In doing so, they became the strongest proposition of lobbyist of extra inquiries and net sets o regulation because of the benefits the government gains through them. They had become a cluster of power to determine and have a say towards the societal needs and their own personal gains and exemption to certain laws. Territorial assumption shows that businessmen had a lot of power especially in Germany and Italy where their own national identity had been lost for centuries. They belong to those countries who acquired their identities in the field of wealth and stability only after the twentieth century.

They had flourished from their own historical tradition and find it difficult to adjust to certain pressures that drive them to have changes in their system and government. The roles of the businessmen here is that they are the one who pursued the severe system change as they are the one who first felt the system dysfunction that they are experiencing through time. In Italy, where there had been a long time of struggle and conflict between the urge to have a new system and to retain the current resulted to confusions and fights among the people of it, started to make a move at the same time when Germany is standing again from their fall.

Then, since the capitalist class who were the major people of the country had been doing their best to stand and make way for their personal and societal identity through pushing of several movements that allow them to rediscover their cultural heritage and historical identities through having a more concise and fair set of laws that to be implemented to them. This should have been a part of their life as it will give them not a burden of having a set of rules but as a benefit for it will protect their cost.

So, as they do their usual business, their drive to look for something better and to have something better persists. This phenomenon is happening also in the east world as they try to cope up with the fast changes happening on the other side of the globe. In China for example, were they hold on the principle of equal opportunities but at the same time capitalist ruling. Their laws was primarily based on heir own country development as they closed their doors from any other country influence for many years.

They had flourished their own laws behind the walls that hid them but the prevailing of a certain classes to dictate the flow of any society had been seen. Thus, it was seen that from their tradition of hard work and excellence born a system of laws that determine their own cultural and personal identity as compared with any other countries worldwide. Japan also had a reason of having these changes to their own system laws. Most of their laws were based on the economic and business laws in Germany as well as many other influences in the western world.

Where there had been severe modification and variation of provisions favoring those of having businesses to be an asset pf the country. Both of these countries may have the same fate as those experienced by many western countries in the world. The major cost of this movement is one of the reasons why this movement had been flourished from the mindset of the people. The practicality of adopting changes and laws from other countries who show success in using the same system had been a great reason of having the laws same as the others.