Separation of Powers in the American Democracy

I believe I’ll founding fathers wanted to find a stable, conclusive, decisive and separate But not equal way to deal with crisis amongst the government and we the people. In which also included granting a great deal of power to various parties. This conclusion Today is known as the Constitution. Obviously the wisdom of our founding fathers Enable them to realize the importance of this pertinent information. Yet also understanding nothing is perfect.

Because of that belief, Andrew Vinstra stated in An article dated July 18, 2007 “the constitution was written with enough vagueness in the language to make further expansion of the basic rights to the people one of the very foundations of the document. After creating such a document, Tom Alto stated in an article January 8, 2008 “the various parties combined many different principles in order to form a government that Would best serve the people and their needs? This included several important principles Such as the separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial, review and federalism.

Each of these principles played a very important role thereby helping the Constitution become an effective guideline for the U. S. government and helps the government rule fairly and justly. The Constitution, Werner Haas stated in an article November 2, 2006 “offers what is often called a “balance of power” where the three branches of government – Executive, Legislative and judicial are supposed to be equal; the fact is that a powerful congress Can rule the Presidency while a powerful President, with the aid of his party’s leader in congress, can hold sway over the other branches of government.

In conclusion Separation of Powers in the American democracy was used to divide the government into three branches: Executive Branch, legislative Branch and Judicial Branch. Each branch has a specific job; one as important as the other. Dividing the duties and specifications of each job, was by far a sense of controlling and balancing which leads to why the constitution created the separation of power. It also demonstrated that the implementation of each specific job was significant in relation to a sense of power.

Also in referring to power the principle of federalism was an important part of the constitution. The principle of federalism was included in the Constitution as a way of settling disputes and controversy between the central government and state governments over the interpreting laws. Therefore the principle of federalism offered a sense of balance. The three branches are the executive branch, which enforces laws, the legislative branch, which creates laws, and the judicial branch, which interprets laws.

The biggest crisis that was recognized with the laws is that each branch of government was created with the ability to override the other branches decisions. This principle was included in the constitution because the founders wanted to make sure that none of the branches took too much control over the government and had too much control of the people. The founders felt a great importance to create a separation of powers for this would offer us the equal balance; power and control they needed to help the government rule fairly And justly for the people.