Role of Press Freedom in Protecting Basic Human Rights in the World

The press is a fundamental unit of every country. There must be some form of freedom that should be accorded to the press for its better performance. Freedom of press can be explained as the way in which the press acquires the freedom of communication and expression through different forms of media without unnecessary restrictions (Human Rights Education Association, 2010). Press restrictions can emanate from the state through the constitutional or any other legal protections that regulates its operations and publications.

Although the press operations might be seen to be governed by the state, press freedom plays a crucial role in the protection of basic human rights in the society. Some of the roles discussed in this essay include; creating awareness of the rights to individuals, encouraging the promotion of human rights by individuals, and educating individuals about the basic human rights (Human Rights Education Association, 2010). Freedom of press can enhance the creation of an awareness of the basic concepts and clauses of the human rights to the individuals in the society.

The press informs the society of their basic rights and makes them understand their applications in everyday life Human Rights Education Association, 2010). The fundamental rights and freedom that address equality among differences in race, sex, language and religion are made known to the individuals through the press. For instance, speaking about racial disparity is often a sensitive issue and through the press freedom, the basic human rights related to racial disparities and discriminations are protected irrespective of color, race, and creed.

Press freedom helps individuals to know how to defend themselves in circumstances of the rights violation. The press can influence people to promote certain values in the society that are of mutual and everlasting importance and value to the entire human race. Moral values such as peaceful relationship and non-violence can be promoted when the press has freedom of expression. This as a result promotes and protects the basic human rights such as the right to secure living environment (Yadav, 2010).

Through the press freedom, the individuals in the society will be in a position of protecting their own rights and also the rights of those close to them. This will in turn improve the maintenance of human rights in general to the whole society. It therefore means that, if everyone promotes human rights then the whole society is bound to benefit. The press plays another role of educating individuals on the human rights and freedom Human Rights Education Association, 2010). Individuals are able to learn various ways through which they can solve some problems related to abuse of human rights when they arise.

For instance, the right to privacy will be known to most individuals when the press is given freedom of expression. This in turn empowers them to become aware and protect their rights. By provision of education, individuals will be able to apply their rights at any particular instance where it is deemed necessary appropriately. Through education individuals are able to identify and recognize their own rights and also observe any violation done to them in order to protect them at all places and all times (Yadav, 2010).

When people are well educated to properly understand their basic human rights, a healthy understanding is cultivated and a uniform interpretation of the human rights is established. This brings about uniform application and understanding of the human rights. Therefore, the media having the power and ability to influence and educate individuals from all spheres, its freedom in carrying out its roles should be accorded accordingly. This will be important in creation of a better understanding and application of the basic human rights by every individual.

Excess government regulations and restrictions that prevent the media from carrying its activities in their scope, will create some misunderstanding and different interpretation of the human rights. Lack of uniformity in understanding of human rights will pose a threat to the security of a state and the citizens. References Human Rights Education Association. (2010). Freedom of Expression. Retrieved May 6, 2010, from http://www. hrea. org/index. php? doc_id=408 Yadav, L. (2010). Role of Media in Promoting God Governance. Retrieved May 6, 2010, from http://www. nepaldemocracy. org/media/role_media. htm