Role and Functions of Law Essay Example

What is the meaning of law? If you were to look up the online meaning of law, most likely you will find this definition: “a body of rules of conduct of binding legal force and effect, prescribed, recognized, and enforced by controlling authority”(The Free Dictionary, 2013). Another way of looking at it is a group of rules of actions enforced by authorized groups of people and deemed for punishment if violated. “The most visible purpose or function of law is to provide for some system of order that defines creme and levies punishment for violation of the crime” (Melvin,2011) Law plays a vital part in everyday function of our society.

One would say that law is what separates us from being human and animals. Law is created or put in place to protect one’s rights in society and business setting. The laws put in place in our society and businesses regulate the social behavior; which leads into a more functional atmosphere. Law in Business Law plays an important role in business. A set of regulations and rules are set in place to serve as quality control. These types of regulations and rules are set up for employees and managers not only for efficient productivity but, also to avoid any legal issues such as sexual harassment or any type of discrimination.

“In the United States, lawmakers have increasingly embraced legal mechanism, such as antidiscrimination laws, to help promote equality and justice in society and especially in education and in the workplace” (Melvin, 2011). Businesses also seek legal advice from business laws to protect themselves from any potential liabilities from goods and services. Law in business also regulates the terms and agreements between its employees, customers, and other companies in the form of contracts. Depending on the type of industry certain additional laws such as safety codes and health codes may be forced upon by the

The functions and Role of Law in Business and Society 3 state or federal government. Proper legal advice can protect a company to avoid any penalties if the laws were ignored. Also another benefit of the law in business is it could be used as an edge against competing companies. For example a company could mention that their product is FDA approved compare to their competition that is not. Law in Society Like in business, law also acts as quality control for our society. One could say that law decides what is right or wrong in our society and they also determine what the punishment for violating the laws.

Laws also applies a moral, ethical standards and expectation for our society, while providing rules of conduct, means enforce those rules, and settle disputes in our society to keep peace. Most sees laws as group of rules that we have to follow, peace keeping, the government, and promoting our personal freedom. However, laws play a much vital role in our economy as well. The laws or rules in place keeps our economy up float and provides our domestic businesses a fighting chance to grow and create jobs for the public. A good example would be the tariffs and quotas for the imports of goods and services that come in from other countries.

Tariffs are taxes added and quotas are limitation on the goods and services. These types of barriers created for imports have put limitations on the imports creating more job opportunities for our economy. Laws are everywhere it is in our society, businesses, and some has more to follow than others. For example my last occupation was with the Army as a Supply Sgt. For a Military Police School. In the military not only we had to abide by the civilian laws we also had to abide by the Uniform Code of Military Justice also known UCMJ. The UCMJ is broken down into twelve chapters and within those chapters various a different amounts of articles.

During training for the The functions and Role of Law in Business and Society 4 Army we were constantly reviewing and being reminded about the UCMJ laws, making sure not only we follow them but, also to set a standard with our peers and the civilian world. We trained not only as soldiers but, as role models as well. It was difficult at first watching everything you do and at the same time you know other soldiers who’s been around is watching you also making sure you don’t do anything wrong. After a while it becomes second nature by then you can tell the new ones not only by their rank but also by the way they act.

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