Rizal Sa Dapitan

The film “Rizal in Dapitan” is about the life of Jose Rizal (Albert Martinez) while he was inside the Dapitan. He was detained because of his opposition to the friars and Spanish Goverment, which caused his exile in Dapitan. During the early days of his stay in Dapitan. He is forced to turn to God by his friend who is a priest, Fr. Obach (Chris Michelena). He still stood on his position which caused leaving of the parish.

Rizal made his stay very significant in Dapitan where not only was he become an ordinary prisoner but he also became a physician, teacher, engineer and agriculturist. Rizal’s mother, Doña Teodora Alonzo (Rustica Carpio) and Sister Mary (Candy Pangilinan) and Narcisa (Tess Dumpit) came to Dapitan as his request to be with them bringing with them a bad news about Leonor’s death. Because of the news, Rizal was gob smacked making himself losing to reality. Until one day, he met the adopted daughter of George Taufer— Josephine Bracken (Amanda Page).Josephine came to the Philippines to accompany his step father and see Rizal for consultation.

Rizal was not able to treat Bracken’s father, she left with the promise of coming back to the Philippines. Bracken kept her promise. Rizal and Bracken planned to get married. They asked the priest to bless and wed them. The Priest was hesitant to give what they both wants not until Rizal turns back to the Catholic Church. For wanting to be married, they still got married even if the presence of a priest is not their. Their relationship went well until Rizal found out Bracken’s infedility causing their fight which resulted her miscarriage. The movie ended with the farewell of people to Rizal before leaving for Cuba with his loved ones.