Rights and Responsibilities

Every child has the right to be educated: they need to be fed with a bunch of information that may help them through their every day lives as they mature. Children are nurtured at school whenever they come into a point whenever they are already qualified for an in depth learning, starting from nursery or preparatory school. In the lessons that have been tackled during the summer, I realized that there really are important roles that a teacher plays at school particularly at the personal lives of their student.

Being a teacher means taking the responsibility to act as the guardian of the students as they grow old, since almost half of their youth life is spent on Universities and colleges. They must be taking care of the students with their best efforts so as to avoid such penalties given by the law. One chapter of the book describes the specific duties and responsibilities that gave examples of a teacher being sued just because she left her students for about five minutes and returned with a student being hit by a pebble in the eye.

Such cases will involve a lot of reasoning and discussion of the law regarding the liabilities of a teacher. Even though there are many laws that govern the profession of teaching, I think there are also many benefits that the teacher gets from her student from the “teacher – student relationship”. The experiences of a student may also help the teacher understand some ways of life that they did not happen to come across with. Moreover, teachers may have that certain joy of serving the people especially those that can be the future leaders and contributors in their economy.

Teachers have the right o be recognized that is why there are also laws that allow them to be heard. The public or the highest government may be able to assess their needs through the implementation of strikes and unions of their profession. They have the right to cry for wages that will equate their efforts and extra service to the citizens of their countries and they can also give the higher government some insights about their current situations in their schools.

With these things, we can say that teachers are also lucky for being given the chance to have a space in the laws of the government.


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