Right to Privacy vs. Right to be Safe

In any given situation, there are two sides:  one benefits while the other suffers. This is true in almost everything that we do, the important however, is where you are standing or towards what side are you swaying. Modern technology has advanced drastically in the past few years that all aspects of life have changed. The creation of the computer jump started the evolution of transportation, communication and surveillance. Nowadays, surveillance cameras are common on streets and public places.

The purpose of said surveillance cameras is to deter crimes from happening, and if that is not possible, to identify the perpetrators caught on camera. The purpose of these cameras may be good, however, it raises objections from certain groups who claim that the presence of these surveillance cameras is a violation of a person’s right to privacy. People now ask themselves on what is the lesser evil: private persons or the government. I believe that the installation of these surveillance cameras is a good thing. I feel pretty safe with these cameras around.

I feel that criminals would think twice before committing any felonious act when they are aware that someone is watching them or that they are more likely to be identified. The argument that these cameras are a violation of my right to privacy does not appeal to me. I cannot understand how these cameras can invade my privacy when it is clear that these surveillance cameras are installed only in streets and public places where people will really see what you are doing, furthermore, I do not see anything wrong with these cameras if you are not doing illegal on the streets or public places.