Restructuring the NCLB Act

As former president George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act in early 2002, his goal is to standardize the system of education for higher achievement. As this act expired in 2007, it became idle and is waiting for re-evaluation and reauthorization to be implemented. As the newly elected president of the United States, Barack Obama has only few words to say on this matter, educators has become weary and beleaguered as to what will happen to the awaiting NCLB Act.

Some educators said that it should be re-evaluated because of the conditions stated in the act that if schools fail to meet the National Passing Rates, educators or teachers should re-apply their jobs or undergo teaching trainings and their schools must be restructured. According to Nia Rashidchi:

“Pressure and humiliation are not successful strategies to use,” said Nia Rashidchi, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning in the West Contra Costa school district, where some schools have been deemed in need of improvement. “When schools and school districts don’t meet all the targets but have good growth, the focus is still, ‘But you did not meet the targets. ‘ That’s not a good incentive for staffs to keep doing the hard work that they are doing. ” Guzman 2

Aside from the humiliation of the educators and schools for being restructured because of the failing rates of their students in terms of academic standing in Math and reading, among the issue that are being debated in this NCLB Act is first, whether national standards are needed for schools and whether the state will decide what will happen to the failing schools or should the school’s progress be measured by the students’ state passing rate rather measuring how much they’ve learned each year.

And one of the most debatable concerns is the assurance of students to have qualified teachers, which experts believe that it was not given enough attention. Having these issues at hand, lawmakers or people behind this law should first, cooperate with the concerns of the educators since they are the one who will be handling the schools and students.

The success of each and everyone in this project is in the hands of these educators and what the government should do is first, to fund the schools for better facilities, second, give enough trainings and seminars for teachers to avoid incompetence and to upgrade the education standards that the schools are used to, and gradual achievement check-up on schools which they believe are producing low-grade students to ensure that schools are providing enough knowledge for the students and not pressuring them to pass the states passing rate each year just to satisfy the requirements of the state.

The government should give priority to education rather than politicking because, as philosophers always say, “The children are the future of someone’s country”. Guzman 3 Works Cited Bowie, Liz, Educators don’t want law left behind, Reform of ‘No Child’ sought in Obama administration, December 7, 2008 Tolison, Blaine, “No Child Left Behind” Leaving Children Behind

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