Resolve That Philippines Be Divided Into Federal States

Dearly beloved citizens of the Pearl of the Orient:

Today we are gathered under one flag as citizens seeking for truth, transparency and justice in every side of our government. We are now in the new regime, waiting for him on how he will lead us on the right path towards better Philippines – for the enhancement of every filipinos’ life. Many of us are still struggling in the dancing discords of this nation.

The negative feelings like fears, worries and anxiety are still growing and developing in the darkroom of every filipino citizens’ heart and mind. The wise men of our nation are in full confidence that in order for our country to rise up, we must focus on every region’s economy. And in order for every region to grow and to be competitive, each region must reap their own fruit of labor. We are here today to be enlightened whether the federalism should or not be adopted in the country.

Federalism is a system of government that divides power between a political units and a central authority. Power is spread between a minimum of two units with powers divided between the parts. The number of branches in the government and the way power is divided is not the same for all federalist governments. A few examples of Federalism include the United States, Canada, and the European Union. There are certainly other nations with a federalist government, however, these are some of the largest power and most well recognized.

USA, Canada, and the European Union are one of the most progressive country in the world.