Reform program

The final step in this reform program would be to make voting mandatory. This will probably be the most controversial of the changes and is in many ways the most necessary. Unfortunately, this necessary change has been avoided for years because people have claimed that voting is a privilege and that Americans should have the freedom not to participate in the political process. The argument allows a great majority of the people to forgo any responsibility for the future of the country and be satisfied sitting back and blaming others for the state of the nation.

Making voting mandatory will force everyone to take a personal interest in the future of the country. The concept that this could not be done is ridiculous. Other countries around the world have mandatory voting and they make it work. I refuse to believe that the United States is incapable of doing something that other countries of the world take for granted. Declaring Election Day a national holiday and making voting mandatory would improve voter turnout drastically and would instill in all Americans a sense of responsibility for the path of the nation.

If voting were required and not voting punishable by a huge fine or jail sentence, then the country would also take the time to make a voting system that was reliable and could not be hacked, It would make motor voter registration unnecessary as everyone would have a national identification card that would tie into a national database and indicate when and if they had voted. It would reduce voter fraud and allegations of discrimination in voting practices.

If the system were designed properly, people could be allowed to vote from home computer networks and avoid long lines at the polls. This process would require a well-designed computer program that was monitored for evidence of hacking and would require the institution of a national identification card program. Both of these measures have been controversial, but they would make allow for major modifications in the way that the American politicians are elected and would provide a much better representation of the citizens of the country.

This process would allow every region of the country to get equal representation and would return the country o the concept of one man, one vote. In short, my proposal for modification of the American political system has four major components. First, we need to modify the senate so that each senator represents an equal number of voters.

Second, we will redistrict the House of Representatives, deliberately gerrymandering so that people of like interests are brought together in each district. Third, we change the election of the president and vice president to direct election, but with the elimination of the two party system and the joint ticket. Finally, by assuring that voting is mandatory, we will reform the way Americans view the political system and force people to take responsibility for the fate of the nation.