Reflection Essay on the Discussion

Honestly, I do not know whether to agree or disagree that Malaysians should be grateful that Malaysia is peaceful. I have doubts about the discussion title itself. Is Malaysia peaceful? That is the big question here.Personally, thinking back on our nation’s problems, we have serious problems. Political problems, economical, social, financial, defense, safety, crime rates and etc. But then, compared to all the other countries in the world such as Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, North Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, our country is actually way so much more peaceful. We are able to walk with freedom but of course with precaution. Women can study. The country’s unemployment rate is not as high as other countries, the government providing financial help for the poor to reduce poverty but resulting in high living costs but still, not as high as other countries.Again, I am repeating that Malaysia is very peaceful. We have tourists visiting our country and tourist rates are constantly rising despite the major heat and the social problems. Our tourist destinations are heavenly getaways from tourists’ hometowns. Malaysia is also considered one of the greenest countries in the world because of the forest reserves and mountiai ranges that the government hasn’t has the heart to destroy seeing that it is considered a legacy.Malaysia has so many shopping malls that carry many couture brands until many visit Malaysia just to shop and explore the ever evolving country. Besides that, Malaysia has an open arm policy to all cultures in the world as long as it doesn’t threaten the official religion which is Islam.  Therefore, I conclude that Malaysia is a peaceful country despite it’s problems. But then again, which country is a constant Utopia and doesn’t have problems. We Malaysians should be grateful that we are Malaysians and that Malaysia is a peaceful country.