By Referring to Budget 2012, Elaborate Any Three

As we know, human resource management is the process of managing human talent to achieve an organization’s objective. Employee with knowledge, skills and capabilities will increase the productivity of the organization. Incentives like ample salary, bonus and welfare benefits will motivate employee to work harder in the company.

Every year, the Goverment will prepare budget to improve every sector of the country through the distribution and allocation like in education, defence, health, economy, etc. Budget 2013 comes with the theme, “PROSPERING THE NATION, ENHANCING WELL-BEING OF THE RAKYAT: A PROMISE FULFILLED”.

Among the allocation are distribution of 1 and a half month’s salary to civil servants, cash aid RM500 to household income less than RM3,000, Children’s education tax relief for parent salary that earned RM6000, 150 personnel would be added until 5,000 member in SPRM, Wataniah allowance elevated from RM4 to RM7.8 an hour, Schooling assistance RM100 to school student continued, Book voucher RM250 to university students continued, 125,708 army given special incentive RM200 one month, etc.

From the budget we could see few related effects towards human resource management. Firstly, in terms of staffing, it shows that there will be additional employees will be selected and recruited. People will have chances to get job and reduce unemployment in the country. For example, 150 personnel would be added until 5,000 member in SPRM.

Secondly, in terms of development, they introduce Graduate Representative Program for training and development program cooperation with private sector to train graduate to satisfy industrial needs. As developing country, we need to have employees who have the skills, knowledge and abilities to be competitive and productive. So with the incentives and program, it will help the youth to be ready in the development of the country.Another example is additional 10,000 members in Pasukan Sukarelawan Polis and installation 496 units CCTV in 25 Local Authority to improve job.

And lastly, the most significant effects that we can see are the in terms of compensations and benefits where most of public servants rewarded bonus for their work. For example, civil servants get 1 half months salary, 125,708 army given special incentive RM200 one month, etc. this will increased motivation to those employee to work more efficiently. It also will reduce the burden of the family and create good relationship between the employee and the management to work together and thus increase productivity and economy.