Rational Legal essay

Authority – This simply means the power to enforce obedience. Authority is expressed in many forms. There are legal, military, familial, and organizational variations in the rules, sanctions, and symbols of authority. The judge's wig, the general's baton, the managing director's huge desk are well-known images. In every case they convey the message that authority is legitimate power Charismatic authority.

Is based on the appeal of the leaders who claim allegiance because of their extraordinary virtuosity, whether ethical, heroic, or religious. Traditional authority This type of authority comes not from the person himself but what he represents. (eg) Pope – owns the Catholic Church – therefore he has power over that. Rational-Legal- This type of authority is based on skill and knowledge. The person possesses the knowledge, they are given power because of the knowledge they have about the subject.

Legal Organization behind it. Task 2 Parents- A parent would have traditional authority over me as their authority as been awarded because of the amount of time I have known them. A parent is in charge of me as their child. Church- The church would have Traditional Authority over me. He represents the church that he works in. For example like the Pope, he owns the Catholic Church, therefore the power is his. He's earned this, because he has the knowledge about the church etc. So it could be Rational-Legal as well.

Instructor- An instructor possesses Rational-Legal Authority. He has the knowledge of the subject that he teaching to other members of the public, that's how he has achieved to be an instructor. Higher ranking officer- A higher-ranking officer has Traditional Authority and Rational- Legal Authority. It is like the parent one. He represents the Police Force and must give respect, because maybe he has been in longer than you. And he has got to that place because he has maybe more knowledge about what he is doing than others.

Member of the public. If u were a member of the public service then u would have more authority over them, but if are both members of the public, then in a nut shell u should both treat each other or be treated equally. But maybe one of you is more charismatic than you are, wealthier and so on. Coercive Authority- This type of authority is based on the idea of punishment and is demonstrated by the idea that unless you conform to the view and opinions of someone that possesses this type of authority you will be punished.