Question – IPhone

One question raised in the ‘Did you know video?’ was: Is a bigger country’s population an impact to drive technolgy and the econmy especially when its population is highly educated.Another question raised was: is it perfectly normal to have several jobs during your career. As technology evolves new jobs are created, therefore, moving to jobs of the future will keep your career up date. Is the US goverment investing enough ineducation, research and development? When companies like Nintendo spend more than the goverment in innovation.

How do we communicate among all these different generation working together? How do all different generations communicate among themselves? Excluding culture, effective communication is the life blood of a business organization.

One clever question asked directly in the video was: who did we ask our questions before we starting using Google. My own answer, of course, is my teacher. What are the implication what should we learning about the work place?Technology does not stay the way it is and changes everything.

There is constant change that forces to stay with it or fall out of it. I hate to use RIM as an example, but innovation from Apple’s iPhone was Blackberry, the beloved email with a phone, death. In addition, customer experience should be a must learn for business and IT profesionals. Nothing drives more customers away than a bad experience of a service or a product and then letting everybody know in social media.Thus, managing your data to produce business intellegence for the business success is key to the constant shift that happens in technology.