Process of Operations

Introduction:I.My speech today is to inform you on my major Process of Operations , and whatA oil refinery operators job in tells.II.I have gotten my information from the following resources.A. Tommie Broome a Operations instructor , retiree from Chevron and aOperations advisor here on campus.

B. Essix Miskell is the Safety , Environmental and Health instructor here onCampus. He is a retired Operations supervisor from Chevron.C. I also used the web for research at www.chevron.comD. Finally, myself , I have been in and around this atmosphere of work for eightYears.

III.This brings me to what this career about and what we do as operators. Body:I.The Process of Operations Technology program here at J.C campus.A. The largest technical program on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.B. Has 447 students

IIOperations has three tasks in their job description.A. Monitoring your area1. Monitoring consists of walking the plant using your three senses of seeing,Hearing, and feeling.2. This ensures that all processes are running correctly,Without any problems or leaks that would make the process fail.

B. Analyzing your area1. Analyzing is making a decision on what needs to be done if there is aProblem that exist.2. Making a decision is very important and can be vital.C. Documenting your records1. Documenting a report with proper information , proper English , and properlocation.2. This is important so that maintenance can know where it is a promptly fixthe problem.III.Benefits for OperatorsA. Operators top out around $40.00 a hour .B Work shift work so you always have overtime.C. Makes 100,000 a year with family benefits, and retirement. Conclusion:I.This career will be right up my alley for success, with previous experienced and Schooling.II. If any of you would like to learn more about the program contact Mrs. Tommie Broome here on campus , in the technical building .

III. Any Questions?IV. Recap and close