The Problems of Illegal Immigration

The United States is a nation of diverse cultures due to the multitude of foreign nationals inhabiting the nation. The land of the brave and the free has been going hand in hand . Aspiring American citizens make good use of alternative routes in entering the United States, this issue has been the government’s predicament for more than 50 years now. Apart from the border-crossing people, the illegal immigrants who have expired immigration documents are also rampant across the country. The Problem

Illegal immmigration in the United States has been a center of concern because illegal immigrants add-up to the total number of the country’s popultation. Issues may have an impact felt on national security and economy. The United States General Accounting Office report that the Department of Justice’s Immigration and Naturalization estimates 5 million illegal immigrants stepping on United States soil in 1996. The report also adds that states with large populations of illegal immigrants have indicated huge fiscal impact on gevernment programs, involvement in criminaql activities, and extensive effects on local economies.

The report further supports the fact that there is an ongoing, dangerous problem as presence of illegal immigrants bequeath negative impacts. Impact on National Security The Cable News Network (CNN) reported that the masterminds behind the September 11, 2001 atacks were revealed to have expired visas when they commenced on the bombings. The perpetrators themselves have documents issued by the United States government and their visas were mistakenly extended after the attacks. It was later discovered that the government hunted down immigrants with expired tourist and working visas.

National security has always been put into consideration whenever immigration laws are to be drafted and legislated, and the September 2001 attacks are the constant reminder of such consideration (LeMay, xiii). After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, every immigrant in the United States became synonymous with terrorists (Farnam, 18). The act goes to show that the illegal status of some immigrants in the United States results to heinous criminal acts. A deep analysis on the possible tendenceies of illegal migrants can give a connection between their illegal stay in the United States and numerous crimes.

For instance, an illegal immigrant may result to identity theft in order to extend his or her stay in the United States (Bischoff, 119). In this case, the motivation lies within the illegal immigrants’ eagerness to have a better life (Loberg, 107), and in order to do so, they result to fraudulent methods of acquiring immigration documents just to be employed (Loberg, 107). Given that an illegal alien succeeds in stealing an authentic american citizen’s social secutrity number and other information required for employment, the government cannot apprehend such a criminal without aid from the employer (Loberg, 108).