Problems Created by Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants is a serious problem for the people. Illegal immigrants are a threat to American laws, economic solvency, culture, and the war on terrorism. However, immigrants that arrive illegally do not blend into society. They must stay in the shadows to evade authority and often do not assimilate into the culture. “This can lead to problems similar to Europe. France and Germany once needed excess workers and thus imported guest workers. Now, Germany has a glutton of hastily invited foreign guest workers they no longer need, who will not go away, and will not assimilate into their culture.

” Due to illegal immigrants the overall pay levels decrease. Illegal immigrants are ready to work at very low wages because of which many companies appoint illegal immigrants. Thus citizens who demand a higher pay level are left unemployed hence unemployment increases. An average middle-class worker would have to stoop down, lowering their living standards in order to accept such wages that the illegal alien accepts as they have to pay taxes which the illegal immigrants don’t have to pay. “Financially, illegal immigration in the United States is an extreme cost to the taxpayers.

It is estimated by the National Research Council that the average household of illegal aliens in California alone uses $3,463 annually in services paid for by taxpayers. This includes, but is not limited to, health care, education, welfare, and criminal justice. ” Then there is poverty much of the illegal immigrants doesn’t have permanent jobs and even if they have jobs the pay level is very low this leads to an increase in poverty level which indirectly effects crime rate. Thus it can be evaluated that illegal immigration has many problems which needs to be controlled. Steps That Government Should Take in Order to Control Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration is an increasingly serious issue that the government needs to solve immediately other wise it would turn out to be problem which won’t be controllable. The question now is how to solve the issue? The issue can not be solved but the number of illegal immigrants can be reduced and to reduce it the government needs to taken certain actions. The standard response to illegal immigration has been increased border enforcement. In fact, such tightening of the border was long overdue but there has been almost no attention paid to enforcement at worksites within the United States.

Then to control illegal immigration their need to be strict rules concerning employers who hire illegal aliens. By doing this, the incentive for people to illegally come and stay here in the United States would be removed. The employers and corporations who were hiring illegal would be forced to offer living wages, and in a short time, “these would be filled by those Americans who used to do. Studies by the Economic Policy Institute and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities have shown that raising the federal minimum wage would help, not hinder the economy. ”

Then one other thing that could be done to restrict illegal immigrants is to make policies with other governments. Governments of countries should co-operate with each other about the issues related to immigration they should decide that if a person of a particular country is caught as an illegal immigrant he would be immediately deported and the government of his native country would completely support the deportation. Then the governments should sit together because of which there would be a remarkable decline in illegal immigration. An example of it can be computerized passports.