Private Security Research Paper

It is one of the most important roles of the Criminal Justice System’s function to provide the society with the privacy that each individual is due to receive from the functions of the said social protecting group. However, because of the demands of safety and protecting as posted through the deepening effects of technological innovations upon the privacy of the individuals living within the human society, the focus on the privacy of people is being over-rated by the need of protecting their values as individuals.

There has been rumors before of the impending application of the use of micro-chips inserted within the skin or at least an ID system within the society among people living within particular communities to make the tracking of terrorist or crime offenders an easier task for the law enforcers. Through this particular process, the different crimes committed with or without the aid of the major innovations of technology such as the worldwide web could be easily tracked through the system of national recognition of individuals. This idea however has not been welcomed well by the generations of humans at present.

TO many, the said process actually noted the loss of their sense of privacy. However, as the current events pertain to the possibility of the development of the different procedures used to imply terrorism in the society, some of those undecided “ones” with regards the application of the national identity process gradually has already changed their opinion with regards the said proposal for security. Many among those who once disregarded this particular though are now able to recognize the importance of the system’s actual application.

They have primarily realized that it is not a mere invasion of their privacy but instead a protection of their life as individuals living in a society of untrustworthy situations. Most likely, they saw the importance of the system in keeping them safe away from the different procedures of theft as per implied by many crime offenders through the aid of the Internet applications. There exists identity robbery, the hacking of one’s files and other databases of the banks around the world that in many ways could imply great danger among human individuals as well as human institutions.