Prison cells

Prison cells today are facing several issues with regards over population. Most likely, the said situation is resulted from the flaws of crime-control investigations. Most likely because of the fact that the systems currently used by the CJS are containing several flaws at some point, not all the investigations performed by the police or the law enforcers in particular actually receive accurate results, thus, some of those that are incarcerated are not actually accountable for the crime that they are primarily accused with.

Hence, through the application of the computer-based investigations, these particular situations could then be avoided in the future. Most likely, the introduction of such processes through the use of laser-based identification of the retina of the person, the blood and DNA test systems are already accepted by the police headquarters world wide today. However, the process could still be made more complex and thus making it more accurate.

The said system of human recognition could still be based upon the first type of futuristic improvement of the application of CJS as per discussed earlier. Aside from the development of the systems of identifying the real crime offenders so as to either prove the accused ones guilty or not, the pursuance of more effective psychologically based therapies in assisting offenders realize of their situation as parts of the society is also being continued for research.

Most likely, educating the offenders with the possible changes in life that they could adapt into to be able to serve themselves well as to changing their attitudes towards life as well as with their fellowmen is one of the most basic process and one that is being strongly developed at present for future application. The developments particularly aim to inculcate several identifying procedures with regards the development of the crime so as to be able to know how they are able to deal with the problem later on.