Principles of Marketing

Introduction In this reflective essay I would talk about my group presentation and the learning that gained during weeks 20, 21 and 22 in the principles of marketing module. However i would also talk about the aims, goals, processes and experiences that I have encountered in this module and my personal review of the experiences/learning.

* What I have learned

When I first started this subject I did not have any knowledge on the principles of marketing, previously I haven’t studied this subject before. However attending the lectures has given me a better understanding of marketing along with reading books which improved my knowledge and helped me to be able to complete the course smoothly without facing any problems.

This subject gave me an overview of key marketing concepts and techniques as they apply in a variety of organisations and in both conventional and online environments. Also this subject helped me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the core role of marketing in determining the growth potential. Below I will talk about the different learning during week 20, 21 and 22:

The learning I have gained during week 20 was about The International Environment I learned about the theory underlying international trade, reasons for barriers to trade, methods of researching the overseas business environment, methods used by companies to adapt their products to the needs of overseas markets and alternative market entry strategies.

This learning was very useful for me as I was able to know the reasons for businesses to go global and the points that they would need to consider on doing such as the business Marketing Mix Implications, Analysing Foreign Market Opportunities and looking at the Level of involvement in international marketing and the facilitation of world trade as all this key points will affect the business. Learning about the international environment was very interesting at the same time it helped to develop my knowledge in how businesses work to become a big successful and global business.

Learning about the international environment was very important for me to know as a business student. In week 21 I have learned about the Social and Green Marketing I was able to understand the role social and green marketing how it plays in marketing management and the importance of marketing ethics and how to discuss the key challenges facing marketing, also the two way relationship between business organisations and the ecological environment and Criticisms of Marketing: micro and macro level.

However when I was learning about the social and green marketing I found it very confusing at the start, this is because I did not have any understanding of the social and green marketing. Now that I know how it works I find it very interesting which made me look at businesses in a different way.

This is because my knowledge has increased and able to know the importance of social and green marketing and how it plays in the marketing management. Finally in week 22 of my learning I learned about the Managing Marketing Implementation now I’m able to identify the role of planning in implementation, how factors likely to impact on the implementation of an agreed marketing plan, and the importance of control in implementation process and finally the importance of change management in the implementation process.

At the start of this learning I did not have any understanding of managing marketing implementation; at the beginning of the learning I thought it will be difficult for me to understand it, but I found it very easy and interesting as it made me aware of how businesses work, which was very important for me to know as it will have an impact on my employability in the future.

The group presentation I was in a group of three students, our presentation was about the Hendon bagel bakery is a small Jewish sandwich bar that offers kosher food. However each person in the group chose a task to talk about. I talked about the recommendation of the business and what they would need to do in order to improve their business and to keep ahead of their competitors.

While doing the recommendation I looked at the lecture notes and information from seminars to help me know how to search for the negative side for businesses in order to carry out an effective recommendation for the selected business. However working in a group was very interesting for me as I was able to expand my knowledge and skills which will have an impact on my employability.

Overall I have learned to have the ability to work in a group and how useful in many areas of the university life e.g. solving problems, working together on a research project and how to manage my time to develop and the skills involved in working in groups. These key skills have made me become a confident person as I got an experience working with different type of people that I did not know and present infant of a wide range of students. This was a really good experience that I had as I got the chance to experience how it would be in a real work life.

I think I have gained many ideas from this learning. As it gave me the idea in how to plan and organise a group presentation for the future, and how important it is to meet regularly with your group in order to plan an effective presentation. Also how vital it is to think about your audience, your aims, their expectations, and what type of presentation you are going to give (lecture style, informative, participative, etc). Conclusion

In this reflective essay I have talked about my group presentation and the learning that gained during weeks 20, 21 and 22 of module. However I also talked about the aims, goals, processes and experiences that I have encountered in this module and my personal review of the experiences/learning. Below I have set the new objective that appeared from my personal learning which is:

* Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well. In order to hold the audience’s attention long enough to make my point.

* Improving my communication skills to make my message understood and remembered. This will be vital to consider because if the audience would not understand what am presenting, it will be failure and a waste of time and if they leave without realising the full worth of what am presenting.

However everything that I have learned from this module would help me in the future as it has a big impact on the skills and knowledge I have gained for my employability