Price Rise in Nepal!!!!!

Price rise is the bane of modern world. Price of essential commodities go on rising every day despite the professed and genuine efforts of the government. The main reason of rising the price as the sky rocket is the im-maturity of the government plan and the unabated raise on the population at the alarming rate. As compared to china and other developed European countries most of the south Asian countries even India had failed miserably in controlling its population. In context of Nepal the main reason for the rise in price may be the frequent strikes and lock-outs in the industrial region. The political instability is also one of the main reasons for the raise of price.

Well well well, after all that we should not forget the corruption in our country. Our country is still a developing country. Most of the capital expenditure is used in the development and peace restoration process. And most of the development fund are been corrupted by the higher governmental officers. Nowadays , as the result of the modernization the average Nepalese people has considerably awakened to the reality of raising his living standard in the matter of eating , housing and the entertainment activities. All this expenditure pushes of this rate.

Those who can afford never be back in even purchasing luxurious items. The hoarder, black marketers also pushes up the price by creating the artificial scarcity in the market .Now what is left!!! Either the revolution in country once again as that of the mid Asian countries or the drastic step to be moved by the government in order to control the price rise in the country.