Presidential Adress

The President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, Maulana Qari Syed Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri, offered valuable suggesstion regarding various important national, international and community issues in his presidential address delivered on the occasion of the 30th general session of the organisation. In his address, he condemned terrorism. “The entire world is facing the menace of terrorism. Terrorism by any individual or any organisation has to be condemned.

A country or society can only prosper in peaceful conditions,” he said. “In this connection, Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind has so far conducted nearly 200 meetings and conferences. We have achieved considerable success on this point and shall continue to fight unless peace prevails in the society,” he added. Condemning the attempts to attribute terrorism with Islam and the holy Prophet of Islam, he said that Islam advocated peace and forbade hatred and voilence in every form. Islam accords extreme respect to human life.

Killing an innocent person is considered to be a major sin in Islam, which declares the unlawful killing of a single person as similar to murdering all the human beings, and protecting a single life at par with protecting all the human beings. Those who ascribe terrorism to Islam are the enemies of truth and justice. The JUH president feared that this propaganda would weaken the fight against terrorism. He said that it was imperative to end such an unfortunate situation and should work for the welfare of all Indians, irrespective of their caste, community and religion.

The JUH president asserted that the move to establish the central madarsa board was likely to dilute the identity of madarsas, their aims and objective, and end their spiritual character. He termed the setting up of the madarsa board as “unnecessary as well as unacceptable. ” He said that the flaws in the present system could be rectified by setting up a madrasa board controlled by the madrasa functionaries and not by the government. Jamiat always has drawn the attention of the funtionaries of madarsas to make their financial transactions transparent and there would be attempts in every

possible way to correct the wrongs. Speaking on the Sachar Committee report, Qari Usman said that the committee was meant to study the condition of the Muslims but later, ignoring the spirit of the report, all minoritity communities were included in the recommendations. It has created huge confusion and misunderstanding among others. He furtehr elobrated if those recommendations are inplemented honestly, Muslims will be able to restore their presence into mainstream of the country.

He also said that the recommendations of the committee would be put into action on the basis of Muslim backwardness removing the hurdles that come in the way. The President of Jamiat said that Mishra Commission had recommended 10 per cent reservation for Muslims and inclusion of backward castes of Muslims by amending article 341. He demanded that those reports be discussed on the floor of Parliament and necessaary action be taken accordingly. Speaking on Librahan Commission, the president of Jamiat said that the report be discussed in the Parliament and necessary steps be taken for implementing it.

While declaring judgment of Delhi High Court about homosexuality as accursed, He took exception to de facto stand of the government about the issue. The president said it was a good sign that the judgment met with determined resistance from all religious communities. All religious figures in the country were unanimous that homosexuality was a sin and social evil. As far as Islam is concerned, it decreed severe punishment for doers of such deviant act. The inevitable consequences of recognition of homosexuality would cause alarming danger to existence of human society.

It would damage human respect and trust with each other, said Mansoorpuri. He appealed to all individuals, organisations and institutions to make every possible effort to avoid the social crisis likely to arise due to immoral sexual anarchy if the evil was not checked. Maulana Mansoorpuri speaking on the issue of Vande Mataram, explicitly clarified that Muslims love India and can serve the country, but they can not sing Vande Mataram, because it voilates their faith in monotheism, that is foundation of their faith.

He explained that patriotism did not require singing Vande Mataram. Muslims can love and respect the mother but they can not elevate it to the status of Allah. While vehemently supporting edicts of Darul Uloom, he demanded from the government that it should not allow the issue of Vande Mataram to be deliberately raised for causing communal discord and threat to law and order. The President of Jamiat while dealing with recurrence of communal riots and law-making for their prevention, demanded that the government should make law in this direction and take severe action accordingly.

In his prsidential address, He took the issue of nominal representation of Muslims in every walk of life into consideration. He demanded from the government that: 1- The central government and states government should provide reservation for Muslims on the pattern of Karnatka where they are enjoying reservation as a Muslim as a caste-based community as well as on the merit of education. 2-Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind has been proposing a form of reservation in that all Muslims, with the exception of their creamy layers, be granted reservation by declaring them backward Muslims. 3- Within 27.

5 reservation awarded by Mandal Commission, separate quota be earmarked for OBC Muslims. 4- and labourer Muslim castes also be given reservation by amending article 341 of the constitution, since the condition of religion put in this article is contrary to the spirit of the constitution and basic requirements of justice. In his presidential address, While opposing women’s reservation bill in its present form he declared it unnecessary as well as unacceptable. The President also dealt with the issue of awqaf. He said, “The protection of 6 lac waqf properties is very important.

The condition of awqaf is retreating from bad to worse by day. Anti- social elements land mafia and corrupt persons in the administration have occupied innumerable waqf properties. Waqf properties are in illegal occupation of government and semi government institutions and political parties througout the country. It is seen that central and state goverments are showing indifference to them. Maulana Mansoorpuri stressed upon that necessary action be taken for protection of awqaf. It is duty of government to free the land from illegal occupation and make sure its proper use.

In his pesidential address while stressing upon the need of Dalit- Muslim unity, he said that Muslim minority and Dalit were similar in being oppressed and accursed. On account of that the unity among Muslims and Dalits was natural thing and cooperation with other minorities was also essential. The President of Jamiat Ulama-i- Hind said that the people of Iraq should be given freedom to determine their fate. No country can clinch progress and democracy under the shadow of its ocupation by foreign powers. Speaking on Palestine the president said, “concept of dependent and unarmed state is nonsence.

He said, “The condition of Palestine is distressing. The manner in which the sequence of subjecting Palestanians to extreme tribulations by enforcing the economic blockade of Gaza strip has been expressive of Israel. He appealed to USA, Russia and the world community to cooperate in establishment of autonomous and independent state of Palestine and use good office to evacuate the land of Arab from occupation of Israel. He said, Indian policy on this tangle has got transformed and deviated under under pressure from USA and Israel.

Ignoring previous traditions and policies of Gandhi and Nehru, the Government is moving ahead towards out of limit proxmity and concord with Israel. With that in view he demanded from Indian government that India should adhere to its policy of supporitng and assisting the oppressed and weaker. Taking the notice of crisis of Afghan, he said, cirmumstances in Afghanistan are heading towards an extreamely dangerous course. The citizens are finding themselves in immense trouble. The situation is so painful that can not be allowed in a civilised society.

It is needed that the developing countries, the countries affiliated with non- Alignment Movement and all those peace-loving countries who are desirous of peace would come to fore to confront the aggression launched by USA and itl allies. Apart from these issues Maulana Mansoorpuri also dealt with other important issues such as turncoat activities by Qadyani, significance of religious institutions, revival of Deeni Talimi Board run by Jamiat, social reform campaign and establishments of modern technical institutions etc.