President of the United States and President Barack Obama

It was New Year’s Eve and everyone was really happy for a new start. People were celebrating all around the world. But not everyone was the same though. A big party was being held in the White House. The most famous and rich people were there. Talking, drinking and eating the most delicious food ever made. They were definitely having a good time. President Barack Obama was eating his favorite meal which was obviously fried chicken. He was feeling good about himself because the party was turning great.

Members of both political parties were there discussing their great ideas for the coming year. It was almost midnight and everyone was ready for their New Year’s Resolution. Since President Barack Obama was the host of the party he went first. “Ladies and gentleman first of all I would like to thank you for joining me this evening”, he began “this new year I will do whatever is in my hands to keep this country running, I will also be a better person and be more truthful with everyone in the United States”. He then thought of all those times he had failed, and how many people were suffering from his mistakes. He then passed the microphone to one of the members of the Republican Party. He said, “This New Year I will be more positive and hopeful”.

Showing no hatred whatsoever to the President, even though he wished to vanish him from the world. Everyone seemed to have great ideas for the coming year. They were really happy or that’s what they showed. But like I said, not everyone was enjoying their New Year’s Eve. Somewhere else in the country a poor family was eating the leftovers from the day before. The poor man wished to provide his family better food but couldn’t afford it. His New Year’s Resolution was, “This New Year I will be smarted than to believe everything politicians say”.