Police Brutality: Solutions

Regoli and Hewitt (199 – 200) note that given the police history in the US as having a violent past, there have been ongoing calls by the public in order to amend the said wrongs, and as such prompted commissions to be formed in order to investigate the problem and implore police departments to undergo reforms as to control the incidents of such acts of senseless and abusive violence. A commission that was formed in 1931, for example, found out that the use of violence within the police force was rampant and had been used on suspects on several occasions.

These include threats of violence if the suspects would not admit his alleged crimes, or even in the case of pursuing suspects on the run and have caught up with him. It is saddening to note that even given the findings of this 1931 commission, it could still be said that not much has changed – police brutality still is rampant, and is getting worse. Solutions of course have to be found. In light of this, Regoli and Hewitt note the Christopher Commission formed after the infamous King case, which has several recommendations into what can be done in order to alleviate the police brutality problem.

These recommendations to the LAPD, where King’s assaulting officers came from, included several steps that seek a holistic approach to the problem at hand. These steps include updating their training and briefing of their officers in situations that would have to involve the use of force and not confuse force with racial prejudice, and to enforce strict disciplinary measures if the police officers should still continue to do so.

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