Police administration in bangladesh

It originally comes from the Greek Politeia, meaning state or government, we then see policie reappear in Medieval English meaning civil administration. It first appears in English concerning law enforcement in Scotland about 1730. The origin of the word lies in the Greek language and it comes form the word “Politea” which means government or administration. Other than that in French the word “Policer” means to keep in order. In the English history the word “Police” was used for the first time in 1730 in Scotland to refer to the people who enforced the law.

The word “Policeman” was used for the first time in 1829. It is also believed that in 1530 it was actually the same word as Policy and referred to Civil Administration. As long as I know, the world Police was derived from a Latin word 'politia' which means "civil administration". This Latin word 'politia' was derived from an Ancient Greek work ????? , for polis which means "city". Although there is no standard abbreviation for POLICE but it can itself be abbreviated as POL like International Police can be written as Intpol. Another group of people believe that word POLICE is the abbreviation of given words:

P for Polite, O for Obedient, L for Loyal, I for Intelligent, C for Courageous and E for Eager to help. However, the strong evidences show that this word was derived from Latin word and it has no abbreviations. police officer: Responsibilities of a police officer are broad, changing from country to country. Common responsibilities include keeping of the peace, enforcement of the law, protection of the public and property, and the investigation of crimes. Officers are expected to be able to respond to a variety of situations that may arise while they are on duty.

Rules and guidelines dictate how an officer should act towards the public and in the community, and some countries have restrictions placed on what the uniform officer wears. In some countries, rules and procedures dictate that a police officer is obliged to intervene in a criminal incident, even if they are off-duty. Police officers in nearly all countries retain their lawful powers, while off duty You can join the police force to make a difference in your community and area. If you want to join the police force, you can not only be a police officer but can be a police community support officer or even a special constable.

If you want to become a police officer, you first have to choose a force that you want to join and then apply for the post. You can only apply in one force. Some of the different forces are Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Bedfordshire Police, British Transport Police, Derbyshire Constabulary, Durham Constabulary, Gwent Police and many more. There is also a possibility that the force you are applying to do not accept online applications or does not have vacancy in which case you will either have to wait or apply to another force which may have vacancy.

You also need to select a force to apply for a constable or a support officer. ADMINISTRATION: the activities that are done in order to plan organize and run a business, school or any other institution. Here we meant administration for Bangladesh Police SENIOR POLICE OFFICER: As per the description of Bangladesh Police authority senior police officers considered Assistant superintendent of Police and above ranking police officers. JUNIOR POLICE OFFICER: Inspector of Police and below ranking police are considered as a junior police officers.

POLICE TRAINING: Different areas have their own programs, but they all have certain elements in common, mainly aspects of law, physical fitness, self-defense, use of firearms, report writing and conflict resolution. The Philadelphia academy has a specially detailed description of academy life on its website, so that could be a good place to start looking. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: The pay structure of the national pay scale which is approved by the government BEHAVIOUR: the way a person behaves or functions in a particular situation

JOB SATISFACTION: a particular task or piece of work that have to do, usually a responsibility or duty is being done with full satisfaction JOB STRESS: job carries pressure or worry both mental and physical SERVICE: a system that rendered the public needs organized by the government EFFECT : Endeavour result 1. 2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The British colonial heritage is still very often reflected in the administrative structures, behaviors, law and order and regulations of the police forces of Bangladesh .

Trace of this inherited colonial heritage is also to be found in the criminal justice system of our country. The police Act v 1861 are effective till the date. The non military nature of this act and the accountability of police to civil administration have not been changed. The history and heritage of Bangladesh police is marked by the blend of the traits of colonial-imperial rule and the system of internal security of a feudal society. A policeman of an independent country should be a craftsman in uniform who will be a social regular directed by the laws of the country and a custodian of social discipline.

On the other hand side political pressure, proper training, proper financial benefits, job satisfaction, job stress, educational background, corruption and corruptibility, lack of administrative support, lack of logistic support etc. are also some great problems are facing Bangladesh police for a long time. In spite of all prevailing these problems, it is also the expectations of all that the hopes and inspirations of the population should be reflected in the activities of police. 1. 3 RATIONALITY OF THE STUDY Bangladesh police is one of the most important departments of the government as well as the people of the country.

Total law and order situation depends on police of the country. Modernization of the police department is the crying demand of the recent era. Any development activities can not be successful without proper research. Through taking initiative for proper research on the police of Bangladesh can help modernize the department, which will be fruitful for the country and the people. But there are very few study has done on the development of the Bangladesh police, which drives the researcher to take full initiative for a depth study on the police administration of Bangladesh.

This study will be helpful for the policy makers, planners, government officials and also the other researcher for the development of the police department of Bangladesh. 1. 3 PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1) To analyze the overall performance of the Bangladesh police since the independent. 2) To find out the socio-economic condition of the police personnel of Bangladesh. 3) To find out the limitations, which hampers the performances of the police personnel to maintain law and order situation in Bangladesh. 4) To provide suggestions for improving the performances and the socio-economic conditions of Bangladesh police.

1. 4 SCOPE AND THE LIMITAIONS OF THE STUDY To achieve the above objectives, the study investigation was conducted in Chittagong Range reserve force, Three districts police, Ten upazilla level working police of Chittagong and Dhaka range/division police. The study will cover only the senior police officers and the junior police officers those who are the backbone of police department of Bangladesh. Senior police officers are working in the managerial level who is liable to execute the plans and policy into action and junior police officers have no independent authority to decide or act.

Data were collected with structured questionnaire through field study on a random sampling basis. In addition to that present study covered 100 peoples perception about police activities and job stress. To restore law and order police have been assisted by ANSAR,BDR and sometimes Bangladesh Army as per the desire of government of Criminal procedure code section 127,128. These departments are not taken to consider of this study. Newly developed RAB is not also taken for the study. Bangladesh Police have six ranges with 6 Range reserve force, 64 district police, and 10 APBN units.

All of the police units of Bangladesh police have not taken for this study. 1. 5 PLAN OF THE STUDY To achieve the study objectives, the whole research study have been disseminated into the following chapters: CHAPTER: 1 INTRODUCTION dealt with Definitions of the key concepts, Statement of the Problem, Rationality of the Study, Scope and the Limitation of the study, Objective of the Study Plan of the Study. CHAPTER: 2 LITERATURE REVIEW AND HYPOTHESIS dealt with Review of related Literature, Hypothesis of the study.

CHAPTER: 3 METHODOLOGIES dealt with Brief Description of the Deferent country Police Training and Financial Assistance, Variables Covered, Selections of the Samples, Duration of the Study, Pilot Survey, Collection of Data, Measuring Instrument, Procedures of the Study, Tools of Statistical Analysis and Limitation of the Study. CHAPTER: 4 RESULTS AND ANALYSIS dealt with the findings and analysis of the study. CHAPTER: 5 DISCUSSION dealt with discussion of the findings in the light of existing literature and research studies . CHAPTER: 6 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS dealt with Summary of the study, Conclusions and Recommendations.

And end of the thesis Reference and Appendices included. CHAPTER: 2 LITERATURE REVIEW AND HYPOTHESIS 2. 1 REVIEW OF LITERATURE The present chapter is devoted to examine of some of the relevant studies on Police Administration which have been skilled and efficient by the proper Training and providing financial benefits. Because an administration never run and effective without having a good training and financial assistance. Government invested money on police training for which it expects a favorable return as well as it accelerates effectiveness of the whole administration.

The different stage of ranking police officers is being so associated with the strong responsibility and accountability that influence on the command structure of police higherachy. Bangladesh police is working under the Law of police act v 1861. That law promotes the policeman to a proper guidance and hence to be a professional . This chapter not only remarked the historical significant studies but also put forward the trend in theoretical progress as well as in methodology and techniques used in this study.

Actually the training for the police makes sure the policemen render a service to the society as well as it helps to enhance the credibility of the police administration. It reveals from a study the need based training for the police service to deliver best value and efficiency savings has prompted forces to examine how effectively they use existing resources. It identified that training is one of the main contributors to the abstraction of staff from ordinary duty. However, training is fundamental to the running of any organization and the development of its staff, although it must be balanced against financial and Opportunity costs.

(PRC Unit Publications, Petty France, London SW1H 9HD September 1999). Police is the criminal cases investigation part of the government. . CHAPTER: 3 METHODOLOGIES This section covers the detailed methodology used in this study. Selection and justification of study area, selection of samples and sampling techniques, source of data, technique and design of data analysis are introduced in the section. Selection of Sample and Collection of Data The researcher will be purposively selected 200 police personnel and 100 police officers from 5 districts for the study.

The study is a survey type of work, based on descriptive analysis of quantitative data. The data is a survey type of work, based on descriptive analysis of quantitative data. The data will be mainly collected from the primary sources. In this regard two sets of questionnaires will be prepared one for police personnel and other for the officers of Bangladesh police. Pre-testing of the interviewing schedules will be done in the field level by the researcher. The researcher’s representatives will take the interview of the stakeholders and the researcher will review the collected data for ensuring the validity of data.

The secondary information will be collected from different organizations such as Bangladesh Institute of Development of Studies (BIDS), Police Headquarters of Bangladesh, UNDP, World Bank and Police reform Project (PRP). Different materials collection from the internet browsing will also be used in this study. Collected field level quantitative and quantitative data will mainly represent in the descriptive form. In this regard simple tabulation format including percentage were used.

To test the hypothesis, some statistical tools like mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Analysis of variation (ANOVA), t-test, multiple correlation and regression will be used in this study. Statistical Tools Used All data were processed through microcomputer using statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) developed by Nie et al. (1975). In order to analyze and interpret the data,different statistical tools and techniques were used in this study. The statistical tools mainly used in this study were: Mean: It is the simplest measure of central tendency. It is also referred to as average or simply mean. If x