The points below is recommended to Samsung

According to the Threat part in SWOT,a part of Samsung’s smartphone products are designed closely as those of Apple, one of its main competitors, and such products involved Samsung in the law case. It is undeniable that Samsung had once been a follower with Apple, when “closely-designed” strategy might be the best way for the relatively new company to keep pace with the top one(Nisen 2013).

However, such a strategy should be reconsidered as Samsung gradually changed the position in the high-end part of the smartphone market. Introduction of innovation is required, not only for avoidance of the closely-designed case, which might be one of the side-effects from the copied strategy, but also for the sustainability and dynamic competitiveness of the big company. In addition, some competitors of Samsung, like HTC and LG, have developed the similar quality of products as Samsung’s Flag-ship Galaxy S series products, acting as what Samsung was before. It could be reasonably predicted that Samsung’s smartphone market will become smaller if no innovation meet the market need.

B. The strategies that Samsung use in different market might be differentiated to meet the need.

As a Asian company, Samsung has a huge share in the Aisa, especially in China. To meet the need of level of consumption, Samsung introduced the low and mid-end types of smartphones and maked the price more reasonable for the population. Meanwhile, the market is quite different in USA. Samsung provided the high-end products to compete with Apple and aim to dominate the market(McDemott 2013). Samsung successfully overtook Apple in 2013 by “putting the eggs into different baskets”, which enable Samsung to gain great profit in the worldwide smartphone market.

C. Samsung might keep its predominance in the smartphone and LCD market. As it is shown in figure 1 and figure 2, Samsung is dominating the smartphone and LCD market, especially the later one. With brand influence in these two markets, Samsung might keep its predominance by lower cost. What Samsung should do is to introduce the innovation into the traditional successful products while keeping the characteristic of high quality of the product.

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