Pioneer. Greenhouse gas

PioneerIts the end of the world some people might say due to the climate change and the melting of ice caps. Chevron is concerned with this such problem and has come up with a way to slow down climate change. The use of fossil fuels would meet the worlds energy needs, they use greenhouse gases (GHGs) mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. Chevron is basically trying to recycle the gases in the atmosphere and put them in chambers to and put back into the earths core to create more oil with less drilling.

Which world help oil communities since drilling in a location can cause oil spreading to water sources such as rivers and streams. This can cause the community to be affected because their drinking water will be contaminated with oil. Chevron looks to pioneer a breaking new way to consume gases and oils to keep the production moving forward and to also help the consumers.

Chevron is a oil powerhouse of course, even one knows this oil company and many frequently use their fuel station which are located oil over the country. But the one aspect you might not know about Chevron is how involved they are with the environment. They are a member of the World Bank led Gas Flaring Reducing Partnership.

Chevron participates in workshops trying to find new ways to save gas flaring which is a big problem dealing with the global warming crisis going on all around the world. For over 15 years, Chevron was invested in a series of flare-reduction efforts in Nigeria they focus on capture and delivery of natural gas from existing flares and others that create the opportunity for previously flared gas to serve new gas markets throughout Africa. They have also started a program called the Gorgon Liquified Natural Gas Project on Barrow Island. This project includes one of the largest carbon dioxide capture and storage projects in the world. They try to help the environment Martinez 2

instead of harming it. The process to even go to the island is truly mind blowing whether it’s food, people, vehicles, or equipment everything should be properly checked for anything that could harm the environment. The reason I feel this change of oil drilling and (GHG) programs are coming up is because how auto makers are coming up with hybrid cars or solar cars.

What would this do to the production of oil, imagine the unemployment rates and how they would spike due to the fact oil drilling is still a major employer or they are trying to find ways to employ more people by creating these news of creating oil and energy. Chevron has spread it’s Verizon and is now creating a solar energy plant looking to make the use of energy better, safer, cheaper and environmentally healthier. The way we look at this is different, before finding out all this I would have seen Chevron as just a oil company not a company willing to help with global warming that shows what kind of business ethics they have.

But what made this company decide to change the entire dynamic of drilling and energy? Was it the production electric cars, ice caps melting, or even the thought of more income when trying to develop the programs and projects? These questions might come up, but for whatever reason they decided to go down this path the majority of people are pleased with Chevron decision. We need to know that companies are trying to help out the population in general. In my own opinion we were blessed to live on the earth and it is our duty to protect it. “We’re committed to helping meet the world’s need for energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

We believe that is the right thing to do and is critical to our success in a world in which energy sources should be compatible with an environment that’s clean, safe and healthy.” These words bring hope to us the people. This shows how Chevron will continue to work to improve the process to reduce pollution and waste, conserve natural resources and reduce negative environmental impacts of our activities and operations. I feel it took to long to make this change to a greener way to drill. But the wait was worth it. Look at all the technology we have now, it could help this project Martinez 3

reach it’s full potential and make it a better, easier way to change all the wrongs companies have done in the past. Chevron is taking a pragmatic approach to renewable energy pursuing and focusing on technologies that leverage their strengths. They conduct internal research and collaborate with governments, businesses and academic in researching and developing alternative and renewable energy services. Through these partnerships, they share information and help to advance technology that can tend to more renewable energy for future generations. Chevron is the largest producer of geothermal energy in the world.

They use solar energy to supply the Philippines and Indonesia with electricity generating capacity. Chevron is not only looking to supply the U.S. With energy but the entire nation with energy they also have more plants outside the U.S. To create more jobs. But the bulk of employment is here in the U.S. So don’t fear that Chevron will move most production out of the country. Chevron believes alternative and renewable energy services will play a role in needing future energy demand.

How large a role depends on many factors, including advances in technology, public acceptance and economic viability. That’s one reason Chevron is a global partner of Clean-tech open, which encourages clean technology innovation and smaller business development. Collaborative partnership helps bring emerging technologies together with companies to deliver the world’s energy today and in the future. I can sleep good at night knowing that we are not alone in the fight to help our environment. Many people would think oil companies are bringing the corruption of mother earth.

Even though that is partially truly we can now find that they are also trying to help the fight of saving the environment. Chevron realized it needs to help the environment because the environment is its resource for oil how will they bring oil if they keep affecting the global environment. We have to thank Chevron really for trying to change the way of oil drilling and trying to use natural ways to bring the weeds we need to make on with our lives. Because we all need to go to work so we need cars and cars need gas/oil. We Martinez 4

all need light to see what we are doing and Chevron is now bringing solar energy. Chevron is a like a person it must be able to change and try to reshape itself to the people’s needs and wants. Lets just hope more companies are following Chevron in trying to go green. It’s been over 130 years since Chevron was established and look at what they have been able to in that time span. Do you think when Fredrick Taylor (founder) established Chevron be though it would be as successful as it is. Chevron only drilled in Texas and northeastern parts of the U.S.

And gradually spread its Verizon’s and then in the 1970’s started to perform overseas drilling. They began to drill in after countries to bring an equal advantage to all nations wanting drill. This was again a first by Chevron they are the ones who began this trend of drilling. Now they began all these new ways of drilling and soon all oil companies will follow in their footsteps hoping to make a change to help global warming. Most companies should have a competitive nature and want to challenge Chevron in this new development of drilling. Which would make a better oil industry and energy resource.

Chevron went out and tried a new way of drilling and yes they had doubters but they pushed that to one side and went for the unthinkable and we are now looking to change the way we look at the oil industry. Chevron helps us see that if you feel you can make a difference to change the outcome, don’t stop believing in what your doing and just keep pushing to make a difference. If Chevron went off that motto, then they did good because they really are becoming a game changer.