My Own Perspective on Gun Control

There are several issues related to what is technically referred to as “criminal justice”, but there is one that I am extremely concerned about, the one on “gun control”. I am so alarmed because of the rampant occurrences of school shootings and other kinds of violence involving guns. It is very important that the issue be addressed because it is said that “the quantity of armed offenders and the number of armed crime has enlarged during the time in which gun control laws have flourished and extremely implemented” (National.. n. p. ).

This paper entitled, “My Own Perspective on Gun Control” intends to describe an issue that’s linked to criminal justice. It also aims to state why the issue is relevant or important to me. Last but not least, it plans to articulate my feelings towards it. II. Discussion It is said that gun control has not been very helpful because numerous crimes has been recorded. Also, it is said that in spite of ownership certificates as entailed in gun control, it still does not assist in the campaign against crime and it does not do anything to help solve it.

Explaining further, even if it is required by the law that an individual who wants to possess a gun will have to “acquire an ownership certificate”, there is still a possibility that if a person is determined enough and it is difficult for him or her to do so, then “he or she may just fake his or her name” (Roberts n. p. ). Moreover, in cases where a criminal is involved, he or she can just say that “he or she failed to register his or her gun” and then the authorities will no longer file a case against him or her (Roberts n. p. ).

Another problem is that I feel that nobody can assume that everybody will act in accordance with the part of gun control that states that certificate of ownership is necessitated (Roberts n. p. ). So, for the sake of justice, should “gun control be implemented or not”? Especially now that it is said that it does not actually work (Roberts n. p. ). With a little research and much reflection, I’ll say “yes”.

See if “gun control” entails “certificate of ownership”, then the gun owner is less likely to engage himself or herself to a misdemeanor, because if the gun is used for any transgressions, he or she will be easily traced as owner of the particular gun (Roberts n. p. ). In addition to that, since it is not easy to avail of a certificate of ownership, and a “system check is carried out to know if the buyer of the gun is not allowed to obtain or own one”, then this will lessen if not totally prevent an occurrence of a deviant behavior (Roberts n. p. ).

Finally, gun control makes it achievable for offenses to be solved rather speedily “because the tracing of the last owner of the gun is relatively easy through the utilization of computerized data base” (Roberts n. p. ). III. Conclusion There are several issues that are categorized under “criminal justice” but I felt strongly for the issue on “gun control” because of the rampant crimes related to it that plays a large role in criminal justice as a whole (Roberts n. p. ).

Although statistical information shows that “gun control” raised crime rates, I still believe that “gun control” should be implemented because it entails “obtaining a certificate of ownership” which helps prevent and even solve crimes (Roberts n. p. ). Works Cited National Center for Policy Analysis. Myths About Gun Control. 2001. n. a. 06 February 2008 http://www. ncpa. org/pub/st/st176/s176a. html Roberts, Bartholomew. Canada’s Ten Reasons for Gun Registration. 19 October 2003. n. a. 06 February 2008 http://www. guncite. com/gun_control_registration_ca. html