Performing illegal work

The National Youth Gang Center has developed an assessment protocol that any community can use to assess its gang problem. This assessment guides the development of a comprehensive, communitywide plan of gang prevention, intervention, and suppression (National Youth Gang Center, 2002a). The majority mob related crimes were not accidental, nor were they only disagreements about illegal drugs or various other misconducts. The greater part of brutal events concerning individuals who were part of the gang persists to be outcomes from clash over territories, ranks, and vengeance.

Mainly mobs do not have a close relationship, with some affiliates who assume the leadership position, which varies with age and circumstances. Connection varies and mobsters have different levels of dedication to the group. The utmost unity of the gang would be obvious when they are faced up to by other gangs or by strangers. Conclusion Overall, the impact of gang violence in the community has a great affected how individuals live their lives.

Grave consequences following the rifts between these gangs occur and the greatest victim of this are not the gang members themselves but the poor innocent individuals who were trying to live a normal life but were not permitted due to an encounter with the rambles of such mobsters. Gang violence is not only an offense of the law but it has turned into a great health hazard that would prove to be a great predicament for those who would be under such mishaps. The result of the crimes affected ones life, physically, emotionally and socially.

It would create an enormous amount in health expenses, possible disabilities and emotional instability. Establishing a lasting relationship with ones own self, within the family and with other people would be an obstacle for these gang members as they would continually be distancing themselves to those who do not conform to their ideals and illegal doings. The battles between races are until now a great issue that is very difficult address. Although it has been overcome by most states, still there exists a fine line between where one came from.

It’s a battle of placing where one should be in a matter of territory or position. Obviously this problem is not only present in the gang violence for this can be seen in other agencies such as in the government. The only difference is the method of how it is being dealt with. In addressing the issue on gang violence, several methods were suggested such as implementing stricter regulations on these cases so these individuals would be cautious in their actions.

Promotion of developmental activities and hobbies for the youth so as they would not be involved in such associations and mishaps. This program would begin in the school where adolescents could be involved in extra curricular activities that does not involve performing illegal work. Promotion of family values is also one of the keys in overcoming the problem of gang violence. A person’s personality, his beliefs, values and morals are honed in the basic unit of a community which is within their own family.

The government along with the rest of the community plays a vital role in establishing a safe and secure environment especially for the youth. The majority of law enforcement officials have the same opinion that gangs are a neighborhood predicament that must be managed with a wide range of methods to be put into practice by the police force, schools, community-founded associations, health care professionals and others in an interactive and supportive way to gang deterrence and interference (NYGC, 2002).


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