Paralegal and legal assistants

The paralegals and legal assistance are untrained personnel who work in law firms and their work is to help the lawyer in preparing for closings, trials, meetings and hearings. They may investigate cases and gather all required information to ensure that all relevant facts are considered. They also help in identifying relevant materials, judicial information and identifying appropriate law for assigned cases. After they analyze the required information they may write reports to the attorney.

(Brian, 2003) Authorization of practice of law to non- lawyers Unauthorized practice of law is punishable in most nations, it may either be through contempt of the court, through fines and other ways that may be set by the law. Non lawyers are prohibited to perform any duties that are supposed to be done by lawyers including presenting people in courts, giving legal advises, and even setting fees. By doing this is termed as violation the rule of the state.

This can only be accepted in some specialized courts allow non lawyer representation by paralegals. It is clearly defined by the law that in regard of signing the pleadings and taking depositions.

This task is only performed by attorneys; paralegal is allowed to take notes if the attorney is absent and introduced as part of the team. With the increasing of the role of paralegals, number of non-lawyers practitioners increase in return making it hard to monitor the real law practitioners. (Bonnie,1989)