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Social policy is the strategy that the nation put into action to facilitate the well being of the nation in term of its health and working environment. The report is based in the Arbor Safety Consulting Services Organization that deals with the posting of employees to other health care organization around the nation. The report will look at how the level of ones income and poverty affects the health of an individual at the work station. It is supposed to educate the nation on how the social elements are essential for good survival of the nation.

Through out the report, it will look at the way in which the social determinants have affected the health of the nation together with that at the Arbor organization. In this, it will also look at the way in which low income has affected the health and the ways in which poverty tend to affect the health of the nation. With this, it has been noticed that Arbor organization has been overworking the workers and thus, they have to check on the time that their worker do work at the organization. Introduction

Social policy is the strategy that any organization in Canada uses to change, maintain or create the working environment for employees to make it conducive for more production within the organization. In most cases, it is concerned with public policy on social matters in the country. It concentrates more on the housing scheme, education, welfare and employment rate in the country (Kamerman & Kahn 1997). The subject has been handled as one of the public considerations in the organizations to enable it to facilitate the way in which the workers or employees in the country are handled at their respective workplaces.

This has been interpreted differently as regard to different countries in the world. Basing on Canada interpretation, the term has been viewed as the strategies that regulates and manages the human behavior at the workplace. This is contrary to the way in which the term is viewed in European countries; they term social policy as the strategies or guidelines that tend to affect the social conditions in which the individuals live & work in (Kamerman & Kahn 1997). The report is intended to come up with the way in which the social aspect of an individual in society may affect his of her health status.

In this, it will be able to analyze the ways in which the poverty level of people contributes to the health status of the employees in the organization together with the way in which the level of ones income may influence the change of individual’s health in the community. The report intends to create awareness to the government on how the social policy in the country is of more help to the society in facilitating its health status as a growing nation has to be healthy and strong so as to enable it face all the challenges that come their ways. The report is based to the arbor safety consulting services limited.

The organization tends to help industries, business and government to develop feasible and sustainable production by mean of customer explicit and worth added occupational health and safety management system. In addition to that, it helps other companies to face their challenges in trying to come up with the needs and requirements of the workers at their respective companies. By the fact that the organization deals with other health care organizations in the country, the report will be able to analyze the contribution of social aspect into ones health and how these have impacted on the number of death in Canada.

This will help the organization on what to consider within the organization so as to avoid some of the health issue reported in the country. There has been concern on the increase number of people in Canada living on how income and poverty. This has caused the rise in health problem among the members of community as result from the assumption of the health care organizations in the community (Yalnizyan, 1998). This has threatened the sustainability of the Canadian health care system in which the Arbor safety tend to be associating with in the country.

Due to this, they have come up with the new policy that may tend to help the health cares organization and thus improving the health of Canadians. Social Determinants of Health As noteworthy enhancements in health status among the individuals in the country are evident, great differences exists among the members in the community. This is to the fact that, the living standard and the level of income among the citizens in Canada are not constant as the nature of health is viewed to be constant.

The accessibility to medical care among the citizens has been distinguished as regard to their differences in their living behaviors in the community (Dun & Bradstreet 2006). A good example is the increase in the cases of cardiovascular diseases reported across the country. This has been known to be as result of the type of food that people feed on. Basing on the food aspect, it tend to be contributed to both the low income that the citizens get which forces them to feed on low standard food found across the nation.

This has been noted that, the poor people have engaged themselves more on fat saturated food, tobacco use with less physical activities as they are involved in too much work lacking time for activity (Kennedy & Kawachi 1997). This has resulted to more people to be affected with the disease in the country. Basing this to the organization on the study, it has been found that the organization tend to occupy its employees for a longer time at the work station of which has denied them with free time to go for more physical activities in the community to burn some of the fats in their body.

With this point in mind, the organization usually tries to determine the overall social status of the employees that they have to recruit to post in other health care organization within the nation. To encourage good social working condition for the workers to be posted in other companies, the Arbor organization looks at the working condition on the other companies that the recruited people will be subjected to. This is in regard to the term of employment at the organization, physical and social environment at the work station, and education level of the individual and the availability of the basic needs for the person while at the station.

It has been to this increase of affection with the disease in the country that the health cares have seen the need to engage themselves in the social policy of the country and how they can improve it so that they manage the health status of the country. Income Correlated Dissimilarities in Cardiovascular A large number of Canadians have been known to live in poverty with low income rate which has posted threats to the health care organization in the country. Basing on the organization survey, they have noted that the admission and services offered at hospitals differs regarding to the economic status of the individual.

With this, it has led to rise of disease among the poor people in the nation (Health Canada 1998). This has been noticed in the Arbor organization where by the employee who get low income are the most prone individuals to illness within the organization. With this, the organization has to come up with better social policy that will look on the quality of payment that the workers are offered with at the organization. They have been noticed to be prone to cardiovascular disease and thus reducing their productivity in the organization.

In fact, the obtainable data proposes that the annual cardiovascular health expenses related with the lowest wages quintile of individuals in the nation contrasted to the highly paid individuals are found to be more than 50 percent of the total population in the nation. With this, the population has been noted to be more prone to the disease as compared to the highly paid people. This is because, they tend to have less finances to go for check up at the hospitals and only visit the health care when the case is already severe that can not be treated.

Mechanism That Poverty and Low Income Lead to Cardiovascular These are the main features known to relate to the social policy that result to the disease in the nation. The report is more concerned with the aspects as it needs to reform the policy so that they can get away in which they can reduce the rate of the disease attack among its citizen. The first element is that of material deficiency among the young people in the society. These are the children who are unable to get the necessity in their life and thus develop the disease and early life and develop it with time.

Secondly are the people living in poverty resulting to psycho-social stress in their life and lastly the cases of possession of health threatening behavior that result from poor living conditions. Material Deficiency This is the lack of the basic requirement that any human being needs in the society. These may be lack of adequate food, lack of good shelter and inability for one to purchase clothing. This has been noted that, it tends to affect the well being of the individual and how one tends to react to the community members and activities.

Basing on the research carried out at the organization, it was clear that there exists a wide gap between the rich and the poor people in the society. According to Mary, George and Dorling (1999) they argue out that the social scheme is distinguished by a translucently marked scale of benefit and weakness, with persons conflicting in expressions of the extent and intensity of their experience to a certain issue and in their expression of the elements that they are exposed in ( p 102).

With this, it then suggests that, each level of income in the society, suggests the level of the cardiovascular illness in the society. Extreme Psycho-Social Anxiety Stress is the inability of an individual to think appropriately in the society. It is believed that, lack of adequate income and necessities in contributes greatly to the psycho-social stress in one life time. Basing on the survey carried out by the national population health survey in the country, it was found out that, the high percentage of Canadians affected with was found to earn very minimal income in the region.

This has been experienced in the organization as majority of the workers no longer have the capability to perform their duties at the organization as result reducing the productivity of the organization. Repercussion for the Communal Welfare Sector The social welfare in the country has been in the forefront stressing on the rising rate of poverty and low earning among the Canadians. Some of the organizations have tried to adjust the level of payment to their employees but it has not been infective as the rate at which it was increased, tend to be too minimal.

In Canada, health is the most pointed issue across the region, and thus, one has to ensure that that he check on all that may cause the citizens to be affected within the country. Conclusion In conclusion, it is clear that, as much as the organization tends to look at the way in which the other organizations treat the posted workers, it still face the same difficulty in addressing the social issues in Canada. This has been noticed on working condition that the employees at the Arbor organization are subjected in, the payment that they are offered with and the time that the workers are need to be present at the organization.

Lessons Learnt by the Organization Through out the report, the organization has been able to learn some of the elements that tend to affect their productivity. Some of these include; the amount of their workers income tend to dictate the productivity of an individual in the organization The working condition at the workplace dictate the way in which the workers will perform at the organization, as some of the condition tend to deteriorate the health condition of the workers making them unable to perform well.

The working time for the workers has to be adjusted so as to provide the workers with time to attend their physical activities sessions. This will enable them to prevent some of diseases such as cardiovascular illness. Recommendation With the research at the organization, the paper do recommend that, the organization has to adjust the level of payment for their workers to facilitate them meet all their demands within their families.

Secondly, they have to ensure that the working environments of their worker together with those who they refer to other companies are conducive, one that will not affect the health of the individual. The organization has also to check on the working time for the employees so as to enable the workers get free time to attend their physical activity classes. Bibliography Dun I & Bradstreet C 2006 Million Dollar Directory: Top 50,000 Companies University of Michigan Dun & Bradstreet Inc Vol 1 pp 310-315 Yalnizyan A 1998.

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