Not Sharing Contraband and Treating Offers Respectfully

The meaning of pre-trial is proceeding by a judge or an arbitrator before a trail to handles the simplify of the issues of the law and facts of the matters between the parties in order to hurt the process and give justice and curtail cost at the trial .pretail supervision is needed to collect and analyze information for the defendant to make recommendations to the court to address the concerning conditions of the release and to help supervise who are related form custody during the trial phase .

The reason why retail detainees are held in jail is that they are an accused person in case foe fore the trail had taken its place either because they can’t post their bail or backed the denial of release under a trial detention stature. In the case of the trial where the defendant is released from jail while the criminal case is still pending it will start with a bond. and after a bond. a contract is brought up where defendant pays to get out of jail such as a cash bond where he or she has to pay the entire amount of the bond in cash, bonds sometimes can be less than 100 or more then 23.000.00 depending on the crime. A case as well can be dismissed at the trail. when the court hears the evidence at the hearing the judge can grant the motion of the case to be dismissed.A well the defendant can be recharged Vader the case is dismissed by the judge in question, but the prosecutor does decide if it is or no worth investing time and money into. pre-trail can be favorable with resolutions to the case.

For a defendant who is charged with a crome . in probation there is no conditioning does not mean that the defendant has to admit to guilt. So after defendant has been arrested they have 36 hours until they are entitled to be sent in front of a judge and either it is thrown out or left to be decided which most likely happens if the person was not able to post bail . and if there is no bail defendant will stay detention waiting for another trial if the crome is small then you’ll stay for two or three weeks in the remanded detention.But a case could be dismissed if that a lawsuit is closed with no good findings or if there is no guilt and no conviction for the defendant in the case bt court of law. and if the defendant was not convicted a case will not prove he or she is not innocent for the crime that he or she was arrested for the supervision and monitoring of defendants released are key and the services given is a key as well. pretrial programs give very important information to officers to assist with bail and supervision and services to defendants that will assure safety to the public and promotes court appearances.

The pretrial agency has positive impacts on local justice systems. The justice stem stands on many principles and two very important ones. when that individual is accused of any crime they are innocent well presumed innocent until proven guilty and they are entitled to a trial that should be set up as soon as possible. if they cannot post bail which is very often they will wait to an extended amount of months to they see their next day in court. that is why most whites and people with money are out of prison or jail so quickly because they are about to see the courtroom as soon as they are put in jail because they post a bond for them selfs or a friend or family member. when not able to post bail it can impair thirst access to get out and hinder their them selfs to planning their defense with counsel as well as finding witnesses and getting the evidence they need when they go to court.

Low-level offenders most likely plead guilty not because they did it but because they need to get out of jail is important because they need to go to their place of employment or care for their children. Also, low risk is more likely to commit new crimes when their case is pending as well later in the years. Most of the confined population in jails is in pretrial and the amount is going up by the days . this trend is leaving people at low risk the tools used at booking when people are admitted to jail leave people at low risk. it increases the jail population and jail cost. the decision, aking it the court understanding the impact that courts decision making has. reducing the jail population and people with mental illnesses is a lot of prisoners. which rises cost at an all-time high to be able to care for them.

But the high rate of ore trial detentions is due to bail and limited resources for most of the defendants. felony defendants are without conditions and typically assigned a bail amount that is a lot. most people waiting ore trail are poor and minority. the excessive bail conditions and pre-trial can disrupt defendants lives putting jobs at risk and increasing the pressure to have plea come and work in their favor. Pretrial service can make improvement in the criminal justice system because they are in the early stages of the criminal process. detention that is looked at before trial not only results in unnecessary jail costs it also deprives people of their liberty. When someone gets their case dismissed it still can hinder there chance to get a job and bottom line os should be prepared unless three was something expunged or pleaded because they can’t be found or recorded. overall correctional case managers provide a good connection between the prison and social services and focus on providing rehabilitation and services such as jobs training and rehabilitation services.

And they also try to demonize overcrowding in the jails. Parole is a small meaning for “freedom” but not literary. the once prisoner is called a parolee. which the parolee is out of prison and had to be an upstanding person that take cares of responsibilities as the everyday citizen does. If He or she the parolee does not abide by the rules set for them they will risk being sent back to custody. From state to state parole can differ. Parole is when an inmate gets out of prison early and doesn’t serve his full time but the remainder of the time that is not served is under supervision from the courts. Parole is considered a great privilege for those prisoners who are doing goof in prison its shows that there is a trust that we believe sending you back in society will be good for you since your ability to act accordantly in prison. which means not fighting, going to classes, doing what is told, staying out of gangs, not sharing contraband, treating offers respectfully, not having weapons.

Prisoners gain parole by going to a board of people that run the prison that comes together to talk about the prisoner which there is an officer in the group sometimes that personally works closely with the prisoner sometimes in small prisons or jails. They find if that prisoner is eligible this is called a probe hearing. Parole encourage good behavior swell reduces overcrowding and high cost to maintain large prisons, which involves feeding the prisoners, dressing them, checking on their health, giving them the help needed for example therapist and medication , they also allow them to complete classes to uptown their GED in prison so when released they rant behind in the outside world . When a person violates parole the violation is looked like a bad act. for example, committing a crime or not getting paroles officer permission to leave out of town.

Probation is a sentence that a judge gives under a certain number of requirements instead of a person going to do jail time .probation is offered to keep 1st timers and non violent offenders out of prison sometimes things really do happen to good people . so once a person is guilty the judge sentence a person to jail time or probation or both . If the person follows the rules, also having a job that is steady and routinely checks ins. over your probation period, you would not spend time in jail but if you violate probation by being arrested once again or not doing the right thing by finishing the requirements given by the judge you will go back to court and serve the original sentence in incarceration. while on probation, they do drug and alcohol testing, classes to help you work on anger and drug abuse. send you to do community service.

Overall Parole and Probation are good alternatives to incarceration. Both are supervised and expected to follow certain rules and guidelines. But are both punishment alternatives to incarceration. And help keep prisoners on track.two special groups are metal ill and high profile inmates. the mental illness is given suicide watch and time with a mental health advisor the metal ill are easy to write about since they give them special medicine, time with a mental health advisor to talk and diagnose them. Some might say prisons and jails are asylums but the number of people inside with mental illness is at an all-time high. And the treatment of a mentally ill prisoner is critical. such people are vulnerable. if untreated it will only get worse . and end up leaving sicker than when they entered. when in prison they are given a right to receive medical care. Prisons try to focus on the problem and try treating the ill seriously because they don’t and won’t just give medication for unrelated reasons. when a prisoner refuse treatment because they lack knowledge on their illness and do not know or think they are sick because it’s not either common or cool to be diagnosed with a illness.

Many need state psychiatric hospitals, but prisons are not willing to provide the right hospital-level care that they need to overcome their illness. many ill people are routinely confined in prison and jails because High profile inmates are currently high when media attention comes into context. when working with high profile inmates staff should handle each and every one of the professional and objectivity as if it was another inmate but this is one is more important. All policies and procedures will be completed and review before his arrival. Staff is informed of any court orders, conditions, and confinement. When dealing with these inmates media is at an all-time high and will occur and should be addressed in time to keep media at bay. When it comes to communication it needs to be very effective. Any time of threats should be taken seriously internal or external.

The inmate will be observed in the case of suicidal threats or attempt. Staff is instructed to watch close for and aggressive or violent behavior from the prisoner. High profile offenders should be treated in a different manner never allowing inequality between inmates in the prison. Watch for any radicalization from any of the other inmates because some will look up and praise a high profile inmate because of the power the inmate thinks the high profile inmate has because of the crime and label given. Inmates as well can be forced to take inmates mind-altering drugs against their will. this constitution does not give inmates rights. also, mental health treatment cannot be forced but an inmate refusal can cause public health consequences, each situation should be treated differently. another different challenge is medication substance abuse because of their abuse when they were not in prison can trigger. such as to treat addictions to smoking and alcoholism. overall prisons take care of inmates maybe not to their full ability but money is being spent for help.