There Is No Such Thing as Justice – in or Out of Court

There is no justice in court. Decisions in court are made by judge and even though he’s supposed to be impartial he’s just human and he makes mistakes too. As shown in Devil’s Advocate the outcome of a case often depends on lawyer’s ability to influence the judge and juries. Lawyers try to persuade people to believe that a criminal is not guilty, although they know he is. Leopold and Loeb case is a good example of that. Clarence Darrow took a case of two teenagers that kidnapped and killed a boy because they wanted to know how it feels to commit the ultimate crime.

Sometimes lawyers are a good thing, when accused person is innocent. Somebody not guilty can go to prison because others lied. Perfect example of that are the Salem trials showed in The Crucible. Innocent women go to prison or even die just because some girls said they are witches. Court is ruled by people and as long as people don’t want to go, or want others to go to prison there will be no justice in courts. Justice is a rare thing outside the court also. Everyday people lie just to avoid consequences. Everybody, at least once, did it.

Some people get caught, others don’t and that’s unjust. Some people are treated better because they know somebody important; some people are treated worse just because of their race, clothing or accent and that not fair either. I think there is no such thing as justice ? in or out of court. Even if there is, it’s very rare. People are selfish and they don’t care if somebody’s hurt. They only want what’s best for them, so why fight for somebody else? I think people don’t see injustice in the world until it touches them and even then, it’s only in their case.